User Adoption with Microsoft CRM/Dynamics 365. Do you have it?

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM User Adoption ReportsThis is part 1 of a series of blogs on user adoption with Microsoft CRM/Dynamics 365… the Achilles heel of CRM. I will examine real-world causes of CRM user adoption failure and how to avoid or recover from the top issues that cause user adoption issues.

If you are not monitoring user adoption your Dynamics 365 CRM deployment likely has adoption issues. Monitor your user adoption with our Dynamics 365 User Adoption Reports built in Microsoft Power BI. At-a-glance analysis of user adoption across all main areas of Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement.

I founded Strava Technology Group with a very clear mission… to help businesses achieve success with Microsoft CRM & Dynamics 365. Our entire go-to-market strategy is built to avoid & overcome the common challenges that plague CRM projects, many caused or exasperated by the implementation partner. For more information on our strategy see our home page.

CRM implementation projects are complex and riddled with landmines that can cause significant user adoption issues or even failure. In 2001 Gartner published one of the first studies examining failure rates of CRM initiatives, they found that 47% of projects failed or failed to meet expectations.

Over the last decade and a half failure rates have not decreased substantially. We have discovered  and most industry analysts agree that there are a limited number of  core reasons for  CRM project failure. The reasons do change a bit from enterprise to SMB and slightly by industry but in most cases all stem from the same high-level reasons.

Let’s first define failure and failure to meet expectations. I define failure as a project where the outcomes were so far from meeting expectations that the project was abandoned. Unfortunately in many cases the CRM product is blamed and the company moves on to another solution without addressing the real root issues that caused the failure. Hint… it’s rarely the product that causes failure.

Failure to meet expectations – This outcome is unfortunately very common, in fact I would argue that a significant number of CRM projects fail to meet expectations. Stay tuned for an examination of what causes this outcome.

In this part-one I will define the list of main reasons for CRM failure and ask you to help fill out the list. Below is my personal top list of reasons for failure in CRM projects. This list is based on my 18 years of experience helping businesses implement CRM solutions (14+ years with Microsoft CRM). I also base this information on experiences in the SMB market (5 employees to 1000 employees) as things change a bit in the enterprise space.

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