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About Microsoft Dynamics 365

Stay Connected with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Portals

In its simplest expression, a customer relationship management system helps you connect better. To this end, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CRM) puts at your disposal several tools: these include web-based, interactive portals allowing you to connect with your clients, partners or employees, depending on your specific needs. Easy to set up without HTML or […]

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Expand Dynamics 365 CRM Using the Microsoft Power Platform

Expand Dynamics 365 CRM with the Help of the Microsoft Power Platform Now more than ever, data is important to the success of your business. In many instances, expanding the role of your CRM platform and the data it manages could benefit your business significantly. But at the same time, doing so often involves investing […]

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Modern Workplace Technology Webinar – Untangle, Secure, Improve

It's hard to imagine any aspect of the workplace that hasn't been disrupted by new technology. From unified operations applications, customer engagement platforms, remote collaboration technologies suites, the digital business landscape is defined by countless options integration possibilities. But in reality, a high percentage of businesses aren't sure which of these technologies matter, and why. […]

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Understanding the Total Cost of Ownership of Your Next CRM System

So, you have decided to purchase a new CRM system. On the surface, it sounds easy enough: Just find the system you want, make sure you have enough funds to purchase it and then implement it. Unfortunately, what some organizational decision makers fail to realize is that there is much more cost involved than might […]

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The Benefits of AI for Asset Management: Enterprise Reporting

Asset Management Firms and the Benefits of AI: Enterprise Reporting These days, data is an integral part of any successful business. This is especially true when it comes to asset management. Without access to the right data, an asset management firm will struggle to stay competitive. But in order to take full advantage of the […]

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Selecting Marketing Automation for Dynamics 365

                            enCloud9 and ClickDimensions recently collaborated on a webinar about selecting the right marketing automation solution for Dynamics 365 and here are the takeaways. What is Marketing Automation and Why Is It So Important Today? Marketing automation refers to the software that enables […]

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Send and Analyze Quizzes/ Surveys in Microsoft Forms Pro

Have you ever wanted a simple easy way to capture data from your customers, partners or employees? If so then you are going to love Microsoft Forms Pro, the newest member of Microsoft's Power Platform.  Microsoft Forms Pro is a simple yet comprehensive survey solution that allows businesses to easily capture and analyze feedback to improve […]

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But Wait, How About Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Even though it has a confusingly similar name, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a completely separate product under the “Dynamics 365” brand umbrella. It includes full ERP and limited CRM functionality. Download: But Really…What is Microsoft Dynamics 365? While the full Microsoft Dynamics 365 is targeted at larger, enterprise-level companies (more than 250 employees), […]

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Shopping for CRM software? Get a Price for Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM

CRM software pricing shouldn’t be a mystery. But it’s hard to find CRM (Customer Relationship Management) pricing on the Internet. CRM resellers usually want to set up a meeting for a consultation before they will give you an idea of the cost of their product. But that’s not reasonable. Why would you want to waste […]

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Are You Ready to Move Up from Dynamics 365 On-Premises to Dynamics 365 Online?

If your IT team spends all its time troubleshooting your organization’s on-premises ERP/CRM solution, or if you are fed up with scheduling and paying for server upgrades and trying to protect your data from hackers, perhaps it’s time to consider a change. While change can sometimes be intimidating, it’s important to stay up to date, […]

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