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5 Strategies for Digital Transformation in Banking – Strategy 4

There are 5 strategies banks can use to overcome challenges with the help of Microsoft Dynamics 365. Strategy 4: Build consumer relationships through data and digital transformation Banks recognize the need to enhance their competitiveness and create an agile, sustainable advantage. A bank’s unique customer data provides a rich repository from which to draw. This […]

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Mobilize Your Business Processes With Dynamics 365 Mobile

Mobilize your business processes with Dynamics 365 Mobile Arrive more prepared for appointments and update notes, tasks, and attachments while the details are still fresh in your mind. If you've used Dynamics 365 Mobile previously, one change you'll notice right away is that the experience is the same whether you are on your desktop, phone, […]

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Creating Your First Model-driven App in Dynamics 365

Model-driven apps offer Dynamics administrators and business managers a no-code, component-focused approach to building purpose-specific apps for their end users. These apps can be simple or complex and offer rich design capability with a responsive and uniform UI across multiple devices.   This webinar will cover getting started with Model-driven apps, from modeling business data […]

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Dynamics 365 and SharePoint: 3 Ways to Replicate Permissions Structure

Recently, I’ve come across a post on Dynamics 365 and SharePoint integration. The story is from one CRM forum, and the writer was looking for a solution for permission structure in SharePoint. From the number of similar threads, many organizations are concerned with the same issue – missing synchronization of permissions and privileges between the […]

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How to Accelerate Your Sales Cycle: CPQ Integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

How important is it to you to respond quickly to customers’ requests for price quotes, and to produce accurate proposals that reflect their unique specifications? Sales leaders we’ve spoken with agree that delivering accurate quotes in a timely manner helps their teams close deals faster. If you agree, then integrating leading-edge technology that ensures your […]

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How Manual Processes in Your Business Can Be Hindering Your Growth

Recurring Revenue and Subscription sales involve a significant change in the way a business sells and collects revenue. As you first start with Subscription-based sales and recurring revenue its more than likely that the tools and processes are not known and the excel is what you are likely to use to keep things simple. Subscription-based […]

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Recurring Billing Platform & Self Service Portal – Work 365 Version 2.7 Fall 2019 Release

Work 365 helps companies grow and scale their recurring revenue with Subscription management and Billing Automation capabilities built on Dynamics 365. Work 365 Version 2.7 addresses the core needs of business insights and self-service.  Recurring Revenue and Subscription-based sales happen as a series of collective events that take place as customers stay engaged with a […]

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Seal Documents in Dynamics 365 with Blockchain for Data Integrity

Press-Release Denver, Nov. 20, 2019 Connecting Software, a provider of synchronization and integration software, and Cryptowerk, a data integrity company, have released a new solution that seals documents in standard business software. Smart Stamp Document Sealing with Blockchain Technology is a simple product add-on embedded in any business application. With the add-on, documents can be […]

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Gérez votre cycle de ventes complet avec Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

Avec toutes les technologies cloud et d’intelligence artificielle maintenant disponibles, on entend beaucoup parler de tout ce qu’une solution CRM peut faire. Cependant, si vous pensez à implanter une solution de gestion de la relation client telle que Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement au sein de votre organisation, commencez plutôt avec les fonctionnalités qui ajouteront […]

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Best Practices for Forms in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Multiple Forms If you're familiar with using multiple forms in Dynamics, then you know that you can create different forms and assign security roles so that different users see a different form for a specific entity.  This can get rather complicated depending on how many forms you are using and if you are using a […]

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