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Switch from Old Record View to Kanban Board View to Maximize Business Productivity within Dynamics 365 CRM / PowerApps

Information lies at the bottom of every decision we make in business. And well-informed decisions can directly affect the current outcomes of the business as well as shape the future course and direction of businesses towards their desired goals and vision. So if the information is so important today, why not simplify it? As Dynamics […]

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Improving Dynamics 365 Data Integrations with Alternate Keys

Dynamics 365 Data integrations is something that we're quite familiar with - whether it's a custom integration tailored for one of our customers or it's utilizing our popular pre-built solution CRM For Distribution.  Microsoft added alternate key support to Dynamics 365, which allows us to greatly improve integration speed. The challenge One challenge that we've had […]

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Top 10 CRM Software Blog Posts in 2020

Despite the whirlwind of challenges that 2020 brought, the CRM community stayed strong. By continuing to collaborate and share best practices, they’ve been able to help companies move forward despite the turbulent times. An important center of collaboration was the blog posts here at the CRM Software Blog. What topics were the most popular with […]

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Syncing Dynamics 365 User Permissions with SharePoint

Today, it seems that most companies are using more than one business application. Each application has its own unique features and provides value to different departments. To improve user adoption, some of the applications are likely integrated with one another.  This could be either natively or with a custom integration built at the hands of […]

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Support CRM with New Dynamics 365 Field Service Mobile App

As a service leader, you have experienced firsthand how remote work has impacted service operations. Servitization, including proactive service, is now the expectation — the job is not complete after the sale. Your field service technicians who are already familiar with working remotely, also face new challenges.   While it may seem an uphill battle […]

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P2 Automation: What’s Exciting for Small Businesses in 2021?

We don't need to dwell on what a challenging year 2020 was for businesses large and small. We're all ready for better days ahead. At P2 Automation, we're looking forward to exciting things we can bring to our small business clients in 2021.   CRM for Small Business Small business owners realize that their most […]

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Get ready! Top Dynamics 365 Trends Coming your Way in 2021

2020. A year we will remember. A year that was not quite as we expected it to be - to say the least!  Still, the Earth keeps spinning, the software world keeps evolving, and you don’t want to fall behind.  There are several Dynamics 365 trends out there and you should keep an eye on […]

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Dynamics 365 Unified Interface – Unable to Trigger On-Demand Workflows

As customers have moved toward the Dynamics 365 Unified Interface some have experienced issues. One, that was a big impact for a client, was not having the ability to run workflows on-demand from individual records. It was no longer present in the ribbon or more options section of any record. This was causing a huge […]

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4 Examples of Companies That Save Time and Money by Easily Automating Manual Tasks and Processes

We are experiencing a dizzying rate of technological change. It’s both overwhelming and exciting at the same time. Sometimes we don’t even realize how much innovation is already a part of our daily lives. From restaurant apps for online food ordering to self-checkout at the grocery store to robotic vacuum cleaners, automation helps us function […]

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Auto Scheduling, Territory Management and More Exciting Updates in your Favorite Maps Integration App for Dynamics 365 CRM/Power Apps December Release!

Prepare to become more of a fan of your favorite mapping solution within Dynamics 365 CRM / Power Apps with Maplytic’s December 2020 release! This release is dedicated to enhance popular features that are highly useful to the management teams. The advancements to the features in this release will allow managers to optimize the creation […]

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