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About Microsoft Dynamics 365

The Role of CRM in Digital Transformation

We are working with a number of companies in the midst of digital transformation, helping them to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to build better and more consistent relationships with their customers. Whether you’re B2B or B2C, your customers are now highly skilled when it comes to technology. In this demanding environment, CRM technology like Microsoft Dynamics […]

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Are Some of your Staff Younger than your Construction Costing System?

Back in the day … in the 80’s and 90’s...  the thinking was that construction companies needed special “job cost accounting software”.   On that basis the only other software you needed was an estimating tool or an Excel spreadsheet. Fast forward to the Present Day With the advent of the smartphone, the tablet, and […]

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8 Ways Dynamics 365 for Customer Service Supercharges Business

Customer Service impacts your brand perception as a major factor in brand choice and loyalty. By 2020, Customer Experience is projected to be the main differentiator for brands, overtaking the impact of pricing and product for the first time. Customers increasingly have an expectation that customer service will be available digitally, and around the clock. […]

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Briser les mythes du CRM : Maximisez le retour sur votre investissement

Malgré les nombreux avantages d’une solution de gestion de la relation client, les organisations sont parfois sceptiques quant au retour potentiel sur leur investissement. En tant qu’experts de Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, chez JOVACO nous nous trouvons souvent à briser les mêmes mythes et idées fausses lorsque nous faisons l’analyse d’un système existant dont […]

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What is the eXtreme365 Event for Microsoft Dynamics Partners?

If you are a Microsoft Dynamics 365 user you need to be at the D365 User Group Summit event. But many people do not realize that there is a special event just for Microsoft Dynamics Partners too. An event for them to sharpen their skills, ask questions, network with peers and learn ways to serve […]

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What Are All These Dynamics 365 “Insights” Microsoft Talks About?

Every marketing description of Dynamics 365 includes the promise of powerful “insights” and “intelligent” processes. While there definitely is plenty of hype, the message is important. Most organizations have reached a point of overload—they are collecting more data than ever, but it is creating more confusion than clarity. Download: But Really…What is Microsoft Dynamics 365? […]

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How to Extend the Value of Microsoft Dynamics for Sales with CPQ

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales packs a powerful punch as a CRM and sales enablement software. What’s needed to really make it a heavyweight champion is the integration of CPQ software. Configure Price Quote software, or CPQ, enables sales teams to generate accurate quotes based on product configurations and pricing rules. CPQ extends the value […]

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CRM Roadmap: Where are you?

One of the great advantages using Microsoft products is their commitment to continuous innovation and improvement. Therefore, it can be easy to lose sight of where you are on the Microsoft CRM roadmap. Specifically, versions and name changes blend together over time. How can you be sure your business is where it needs to be? […]

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Debunking CRM Myths: Maximizing Your Return on Investment

Despite the many advantages of a customer relationship management solution, organizations are sometimes skeptical that they can benefit from one as well as its true ROI. As Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement experts, we at JOVACO often have to debunk the same few myths and misconceptions whenever we are called to analyze an existing system […]

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What Is the Total Cost of Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM? Ask Our Quick Quote Wizard.

Today’s businesses of all types and sizes realize how valuable a comprehensive CRM(Customer Relationship Management) solution is to the growth and success of their organizations. If you are increasing your client base, opening new offices or expanding into new markets nearby or around the globe, you need a powerful, integrated system such as Microsoft Dynamics […]

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