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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Webinar: When to use Business Rules vs JavaScript vs Workflows vs Custom Code to achieve your Business Goals

One of the great things about Microsoft Dynamics 365 is that it can be configured to meet YOUR company's needs. How are you configuring your Dynamics system?   Do you struggle with choosing the proper type of component to use when configuring your Dynamics 365 system? Do you often ask "What is the best way […]

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Enhance Your Microsoft Dynamics 365 System with CRM for Distribution

In today’s economic climate, selling products and services is more challenging than ever before. Competition is fierce and customers are demanding more value from every purchase. Your sales team needs the best tools in the industry. To better equip your employees, the CRM for Distribution solution from Beringer can help you stay ahead of the competition. […]

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Overview of Case Management in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service is a powerful system to unify the way people experience your business. It makes information available across engagements so your agents can offer the consistency and personalization your customers expect (and require). One area that we feel is especially powerful for our clients is Case Management. Would your company […]

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Addressing Issues with the Dynamics 365 App for Outlook

The Dynamics 365 App for Outlook was released in 2016 as a new way to sync data between Dynamics 365 (CRM) and Outlook. The application has evolved over time and has made some improvements. However, there are still issues that you may run into while using the application. We will address of few of the […]

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5 Questions: Can You Benefit from Case Management in Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Case management includes the process of identifying, recording, analyzing, monitoring and resolving an information-centric work item.  It includes the collection of appropriate data, the adherence to internal processes, and the related communications required to resolve a case. “Cases” are used across many industries and may be called many things:  Questions, Issues, Incidents, Requests, and Work […]

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5 Benefits of Using a CRM for Credit Unions

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a powerful tool that will benefit nearly any business. However, there are certain qualities to the software that make it uniquely designed to benefit Credit Unions. Here are 5 benefits of using a CRM for Credit Unions. 1. Gaining a 360 Degree View in Dashboards The Financial service is a fast-paced […]

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How Professional Services Firms Benefit from Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM

If yours is a professional services firm, it’s understood that a profitable bottom line is one of your chief business goals. But before you get to that point, an immediate goal is finding and maintaining clients. Your sales team must constantly give attention to your sales pipeline and to completing projects efficiently, professionally, and on […]

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How to Quickly Update the Dynamics 365 Sitemap

For each Dynamics 365 app, a sitemap controls which entities and other items are displayed to end users. A new designer is now available creating a better experience with new controls to precisely manage the layout of these items. Each Dynamics environment comes with a default site map. To customise this, a new sitemap designer […]

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 April 2019 Release Notes Overview

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Release Notes for the April 2019 release have arrived - CRM nerds rejoice! The Business Applications April 2019 release bring some enhancements and updates to the Dynamics 365 platform which promise to deliver significant capabilities to transform your business. It's important to note that deployment of some of these features in the […]

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How to Create a Better Online Customer Experience with Live Assist in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Are your customers frustrated? Are they waiting on hold, then asked to repeat their information over and over again? Live help should be just one click away. Surveys show that the communication channels that have the highest customer satisfaction levels are live chat followed by voice/phone support. Can your customer service agents chat, co-browse and […]

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