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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Tips and Tricks: Use Business Rules

If you take a look at your System Administrator CRM Utility Belt of super powers, make sure that Business Rules are included. Initially introduced in CRM 2013 and available in 2013, 2015, 2016 and Dynamics 365, Business rules allow you to apply form logic without needing JavaScript code or building plug-ins. System Administrators rejoice! Configuration above customization!   […]

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Dynamics 365 v. 9 New Functionality – Virtual Entities

Virtual entities were introduced in Dynamics 365 (Online) version 9.0.  Virtual entities sound quite futuristic but put simply they enable integration of data stored in external systems without the need of custom code and data replication.  This blog describes the benefits of using virtual entities, how to use them and what to think about when […]

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Top 5 Microsoft Dynamics 365 October 2018 Release Features

The next major cloud update for Microsoft Dynamics 365 arrived this month! The upcoming Business Applications October 2018 release comes with a host of features and enhancements that we are really excited about.   As mentioned previously, all Dynamics 365 users will have to migrate to the new version by January 31, 2019 to take […]

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Get the Most Out of Alternate Keys in Microsoft Dynamics 365!

When you create records in Microsoft Dynamics 365, a 16 digit unique id, called a GUID, is assigned to the record. If you look at the fields in an entity from a solution, you will see that every entity contains an id field that is a type of Primary Key. If you add new fields, […]

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Upload CRM Documents to SharePoint – Store by Document Types

The procedures and policies of how an organization stores documents uploaded from CRM to SharePoint vary between companies. Actually, the two most important parameters in storing documents in SharePoint are metadata and the folder structure where documents are stored. CRM out-of-box (OOB) integration with SharePoint provides mechanism to upload documents from Dynamics CRM to SharePoint […]

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Dynamics 365 Unified Interface

Upcoming in Dynamics 365: Unified Interface With the imminent October 2018 release, Dynamics 365 users find themselves facing one of the most transformational updates in years. Much like the transition between CRM 2011 and CRM 2013, when the interface transformed from tabs on the left to tabs on the top, we are now back to […]

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How to set SPO Functionality for the Account Entity – Step By Step Instructions

How to set SPO Functionality for the Account Entity - Step By Step Instructions SharePoint Connection Setup In CRM - Settings> SPO Configuration>SharePoint Connection Tab In this example the SharePoint Document Library is Accounts. The connection settings above should correspond to the SharePoint URL format of the Document Library - Accounts, as in this image […]

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Get an Instant Budgetary Estimate with Our Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM Quick Quote Wizard

Today’s business leaders recognize the importance of a comprehensive CRM (Customer Resource Management) system, not only for organization and efficiency, but for decision-making and goal-setting. There are a lot of CRM solutions on the market, but if you’re serious about implementing a Customer Relationship Management application that’s user-friendly and comprehensive, Dynamics 365 should be on […]

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Two or more Documents Attached to CRM Email using Word Templates.

There are occasions you need to Email two or more documents generated from two or more CRM Word Templates with one Email. Emailing one Email for each document, both Emailed to same recipient or list of recipients, is not the preferred option. The content of the two documents can be related to each other and […]

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales – Account Profiling

          Learn how to use Dynamics 365 to improve your team’s ability to profile accounts. A common struggle among sales teams is effective account profiling. Account profiling is the process of identifying key data points about customers and prospects and can help your sales and marketing teams more effectively target the […]

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