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Improving Dynamics 365 Data Integrations with Alternate Keys

Dynamics 365 Data integrations is something that we're quite familiar with - whether it's a custom integration tailored for one of our customers or it's utilizing our popular pre-built solution CRM For Distribution.  Microsoft added alternate key support to Dynamics 365, which allows us to greatly improve integration speed. The challenge One challenge that we've had […]

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Syncing Dynamics 365 User Permissions with SharePoint

Today, it seems that most companies are using more than one business application. Each application has its own unique features and provides value to different departments. To improve user adoption, some of the applications are likely integrated with one another.  This could be either natively or with a custom integration built at the hands of […]

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Dynamics 365 Unified Interface – Unable to Trigger On-Demand Workflows

As customers have moved toward the Dynamics 365 Unified Interface some have experienced issues. One, that was a big impact for a client, was not having the ability to run workflows on-demand from individual records. It was no longer present in the ribbon or more options section of any record. This was causing a huge […]

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Keeping Up With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Storage

As Microsoft continues to blur the lines between Dynamics and PowerApps, so does it continue to redefine how Common Data Service (now the Dataverse) storage is measured and billed. In the age of Coronavirus and remote work, cloud solutions like Dynamics 365 are going to be more important than ever for business continuity. Keeping up […]

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Why Choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM?

Why Choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM? Using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is a great way to improve your business. A CRM system, such as Dynamics 365, will provide insights to effectively manage your organization. By storing all of your customer data in one centralized location, a CRM system has the ability to analyze […]

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Microsoft Teams Calling Provides Additional Support for a Single Source for all CRM Information

The remote workforce is growing. This includes organizations’ sales and marketing teams, which used to relied on face-to-face interactions both in the office and in the field. To maximize the productivity of their sales and marketing teams, organizations now provide them with support in the form of centralized CRM solutions that provide full visibility into […]

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Better Microsoft CRM with Azure Synapse Analytics & Power BI Premium Gen 2

Let’s be honest. The world we live in is driven by data. Presentation and efficiency matter. Using the right CRM with the best visuals and security will not only increase your revenue, but guarantee the satisfaction of your valued customers.   JourneyTEAM, a Microsoft Gold Partner, will help you get your organization ahead of this […]

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Nouvelle fonctionnalité de Concepteur disponible bientôt pour Word pour le web

Microsoft a récemment annoncé le lancement prochain d’une toute nouvelle fonctionnalité pour Word pour le web : Concepteur, lequel vous permettra de créer des documents d’allure professionnelle directement à partir de Word pour le web. Certains utilisateurs peuvent déjà en profiter suite à un lancement ciblé, mais le lancement standard est prévu pour début novembre. Le […]

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New Designer Feature Available Soon for Microsoft Word for the Web

Microsoft has recently announced the upcoming launch of a brand-new feature for Word for the web: Designer, which will let you create polished documents directly from Word for the web. A targeted release has made the feature available for certain users already, but the standard release is planned for early November. Designer offers formatting consistency […]

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3 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Keeping Your Attachments in Dynamics 365

The thing about Dynamics 365 email attachments is that they take up space. Lots of space. And then you have other kinds of attachments, for example in Notes, and those take up space too... In this article, we will start by looking at the three main reasons you should not keep your attachments inside Microsoft […]

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