5 Reasons You Need Microsoft Dynamics 365 for your Credit Union

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5 Reasons you need a CRM for your Credit Union

1.    A 360-degree view of your members

When you can see everything about your members in a single view, supporting them is easier. It means that you can focus on what your members really want instead of trying to navigate between multiple systems.

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2.    Automate renewal notices

Setting up automated personalized notices and emails for your customers is easy. Use the data already stored inside your Microsoft Dynamics CRM to determine when renewals are upcoming, and send out corresponding notices to your customers. Increase renewal rates with little effort.

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3.    Use demographic data to upsell products and services

Right place, right time. The more you know about your members, the better you can suggest the right products at the right time. Maybe send your youngest customers information on getting their first credit card. It can open up doors to new conversations and potential business.

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4.    Keep information organized

When you keep data on your members organized and in a central location, information is easy to find. This way, you can tailor your conversations and build stronger relationships with your customers.  Some of our clients like to integrate with the telephone system so you know who Is calling, have insight about them at your fingertips and start helping them immediately.

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5.    A Personal Touch

Your credit union has streamlined their products and services to make it easier for customers to navigate their finance options. Your staff will be able to provide an amazing experience for each customer.

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