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3 Ways Microsoft Teams Support CRM by Promoting a Resilient, Inclusive and Hybrid Workplace

Working from home, working from the office, or in some cases, the hybrid of both — the modern workplace can make collaboration challenging. The pandemic has fundamentally changed the way we all work. If you are in sales, marketing or service, you thrive on interaction and teamwork. Microsoft Teams is Microsoft Office 365’s hub for […]

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Support CRM with New Dynamics 365 Field Service Mobile App

As a service leader, you have experienced firsthand how remote work has impacted service operations. Servitization, including proactive service, is now the expectation — the job is not complete after the sale. Your field service technicians who are already familiar with working remotely, also face new challenges.   While it may seem an uphill battle […]

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Get ready! Top Dynamics 365 Trends Coming your Way in 2021

2020. A year we will remember. A year that was not quite as we expected it to be - to say the least!  Still, the Earth keeps spinning, the software world keeps evolving, and you don’t want to fall behind.  There are several Dynamics 365 trends out there and you should keep an eye on […]

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Pro Tips For Quick CRM System User Adoption

It’s been said that anything worth doing in life won’t come easy. Without a doubt, this applies to upgrading your business management systems. In today’s global economy, upgrading business management systems is more important than ever before. But CRM projects will only be successful if your team understands and adopts the new system quickly. How […]

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Can You Boost CRM Technology Acceptance and User Adoption?

User adoption of new technology has been an issue for as long as technology exists. Software is no exception. Organizations deploy new software hoping it will have a big (positive) impact, and sometimes it seems that very impact gets in the way of user adoption. This is very much the case for new CRM systems. […]

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Admin Training

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Admin. training classes available in January We are conducting online Dynamics 365 Admin. training classes from January 18-21. Choose from a full 4-day boot camp or individual days. Classes are held live-online and led by a Dynamics 365 expert. See our Course Schedule for course availability and to register for any course […]

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Let Your Data Tell a Story: CRM Using Microsoft Power BI

CRM is the key to a successful business. Data visualization takes your customer relationships to another level. Extend your CRM solutions to create a bigger, more sustainable customer pool with Microsoft Power BI. This software application visualizes your corporate information and allows your data to tell a very important story.   The information age has […]

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Microsoft Teams Calling Provides Additional Support for a Single Source for all CRM Information

The remote workforce is growing. This includes organizations’ sales and marketing teams, which used to relied on face-to-face interactions both in the office and in the field. To maximize the productivity of their sales and marketing teams, organizations now provide them with support in the form of centralized CRM solutions that provide full visibility into […]

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20 Microsoft Partners Give 19 Brilliant Ways to Promote CRM User Adoption

Why is user adoption such a challenge for organizations implementing new business management systems? There’s not one easy answer. Employees may be resistant to change, training may be inadequate, change management may not have been well planned, or leadership may not be fully committed. In most cases, it’s a combination of factors. In this white […]

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Better Microsoft CRM with Azure Synapse Analytics & Power BI Premium Gen 2

Let’s be honest. The world we live in is driven by data. Presentation and efficiency matter. Using the right CRM with the best visuals and security will not only increase your revenue, but guarantee the satisfaction of your valued customers.   JourneyTEAM, a Microsoft Gold Partner, will help you get your organization ahead of this […]

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