xRM: Extending the Scope of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Before delving into the details of xRM and how to put it to work for your organization, it’s important for establish a common definition. According to Wikipedia, xRM is a strategy that takes CRM one step further, focusing on managing all relationships – not just those with customers. With that, let’s now take a look at how organizations are using xRM to address their platform and application challenges.Why Now?

In today’s economy, with IT budgets shrinking or remaining constant, there has been a push within the industry to move towards platform development. In a survey conducted by Forrester Research, they found that organizations are merging what were once standalone applications into an integrated, unified application platform. In their survey, Forrester found that approximately 75 percent of IT leaders worldwide anticipate a shift toward application platforms. xRM offers a solution to overcome the problems faced with packaged and custom developed solutions. Implementing an xRM strategy on the application platform reduces the cost and complexity of traditional custom development by providing an integrated set of server, database, applications and development tools. It allows for the delivery of custom solutions at a lower cost and faster time cycle than would be available with alternative technologies. When solutions are designed to utilize common platform elements operating across multiple parts of a custom solution, there are benefits in the areas of maintenance, development cycle time and costs.A Unique Solution

Additionally, xRM assists companies who have unique requirements, especially regarding managing customer relationships. Instead of being able to just manage their client interactions, companies are now seeking to manage anything and everything. BroadPoint believes strongly in xRM because of its enormous potential due to the fact that there are already applications that can be easily placed on top of CRM. XRM provides fast-growing companies with the ability to rapidly add new applications. Another way to view xRM is to think of CRM as a framework which leverages the .NET-based platform. Since this is the case, in many cases it doesn’t make sense to build applications from scratch when you can integrate applications with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Contact BroadPoint, the mid-Atlantic’s largest Dynamics reseller, at (301) 634-2404 and skane@broadpoint.netif you have any questions regarding how xRM can be integrated into your company’s CRM.by BroadPoint Technologies

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