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4 Examples of Companies That Save Time and Money by Easily Automating Manual Tasks and Processes

We are experiencing a dizzying rate of technological change. It’s both overwhelming and exciting at the same time. Sometimes we don’t even realize how much innovation is already a part of our daily lives. From restaurant apps for online food ordering to self-checkout at the grocery store to robotic vacuum cleaners, automation helps us function […]

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Let Your Data Tell a Story: CRM Using Microsoft Power BI

CRM is the key to a successful business. Data visualization takes your customer relationships to another level. Extend your CRM solutions to create a bigger, more sustainable customer pool with Microsoft Power BI. This software application visualizes your corporate information and allows your data to tell a very important story.   The information age has […]

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Why Choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM?

Why Choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM? Using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is a great way to improve your business. A CRM system, such as Dynamics 365, will provide insights to effectively manage your organization. By storing all of your customer data in one centralized location, a CRM system has the ability to analyze […]

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Microsoft Teams Calling Provides Additional Support for a Single Source for all CRM Information

The remote workforce is growing. This includes organizations’ sales and marketing teams, which used to relied on face-to-face interactions both in the office and in the field. To maximize the productivity of their sales and marketing teams, organizations now provide them with support in the form of centralized CRM solutions that provide full visibility into […]

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Better Microsoft CRM with Azure Synapse Analytics & Power BI Premium Gen 2

Let’s be honest. The world we live in is driven by data. Presentation and efficiency matter. Using the right CRM with the best visuals and security will not only increase your revenue, but guarantee the satisfaction of your valued customers.   JourneyTEAM, a Microsoft Gold Partner, will help you get your organization ahead of this […]

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4 Moments of Truth That Can Force a Change in a Sales Organization

Sales Management and Sales Operations can face multiple “moments of truth” during uncertain times that might force a change. 1. New sales leadership Sales organization must continuously reinvent themselves to meet new market expectations head on. Changes in sales leadership and changes in sales strategies are to be expected. An organization must have flexible sales […]

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How CRM with Outlook Can Boost Efficiency

Modern business technologies today are designed and fitted with the capabilities for multiple systems to work together. Technology advances have made it possible for business applications to work together with other business applications which result in dramatic increase in efficiencies. One of the most widely used and popular business technologies is Microsoft Outlook for email […]

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Business Technology Summit 2020 & Your CRM

Join us for Utah’s BIGGEST technology event and learn what’s next for businesses facing the challenges of COVID-19.     Today’s businesses are faced with overwhelming challenges and uncharted waters as the effects from COVID-19 continue. Even with some businesses reopening and returning to work, companies must continue to plan for a sudden recurrence in […]

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Migrate to the Cloud with Customized Support from JourneyTEAM | Sherpa Program

Relocating your on-premise solutions to the cloud is a massive undertaking. Not to mention expensive. But with COVID-19 still a major concern, businesses need to ensure their data and services are available at all times to remote employees. Because data migration is such a big project, many organizations use cloud consulting services to make the […]

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4 Ways to Reduce the Cost of Custom Reports in Microsoft Dynamics 365

When estimating the cost of Microsoft Dynamics 365 projects, reporting can sometimes represent a significant portion of the quote.  Many customers that want the Dynamics 365 system to fit within their budget ask if there are ways to reduce the project cost. If a large amount of effort is dedicated to building reports, it is […]

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