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Dynamics SharePoint Organizer (SPO) – New Features

With Dynamics SPO, CRM users can upload CRM documents, with metadata from CRM records, to any folder and related folders in SharePoint Locations. Click here to download free trial version. Two new features released today. New Metadata - Multi-Select Option Sets When the metadata is retrieved from CRM field of multi-select option set, the selected […]

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Set Field Visibility in Dynamics 365 Using a Business Rule

Business Rules in Dynamics 365, CRM 2013, CRM 2015 and CRM 2016 provide an interface for you to simply configure the ability to set or hide field visibility. Let's walk through a brief example scenario so you can see just how easy it is for a System Administrator to use the drag and drop Business Rule […]

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Can CPQ (sales proposal automation) improve Dynamics CRM adoption?

Your Dynamics CRM is loaded with features and functionality that are proven to improve and speed how you do business on most every level. The sad fact is that your sales team likely only uses 10 - 20% of them. This problem isn't unique to Dynamics CRM or any business technology platform: it's pretty much […]

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Top Ten CRM Software Blog Posts for 2018

What topics were the most popular with CRM Software Blog readers in 2018? Take a look: 1. Managing System Views & Dashboards in Dynamics 365 by Aaron Back, MCP, ACE Microtechnology There are many out-of-the-box System Views and Dashboards that come with Dynamics 365. Sometimes, there are Views or Dashboards that go unused and are […]

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Updating product unit pricing on open sales orders in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers price locking on sales order products, which can cause users to experience difficulties when they attempt to update unit pricing. When this situation arises, it can be managed in two ways: Via the toolbar ribbon Via the lock icon found directly above the sales order products sub-grid By default, when sales […]

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A Better, Faster Alternative to SSRS Reports with Xpertdoc Document Generation

Many business folks struggle with Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) - a server-based report generating software system that has been around for a while. In this age of digital transformation and automated report generation, it can make simple report generating tasks much harder and more complicated than they have to be, partially because it […]

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Ease Navigation, Edit the Site Map in Dynamics 365

There is a standard sitemap for all Dynamics 365 instances, but chances are the default sitemap does not scream ease of navigation for your organization. It is important that Users can easily find the entities they need without hunting column by column, and more importantly, they see what they need to see, and ONLY what […]

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Estimate the Cost of Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM with our Online Quick Quote Tool

The good news is that your business is growing. Congratulations. But are your business processes and technologies keeping up? When you started out you might have been able to count your customers on your fingers and toes. Now that you’ve grown, you need something a little more sophisticated and reliable. If you have investigated CRM […]

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Adding Custom Entities to the Dynamics App for Outlook

The Dynamics App for Outlook is a very useful and convenient tool for users to be able to sync data from Outlook to Dynamics 365 quickly. Users can create appointments against Contacts, attach emails to Dynamics records, create cases/opportunities and so many other everyday tasks without leaving Outlook.     But what happens if you […]

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Dynamics CRM Portal Shopping Cart Configuration Wizard

Dynamics CRM Portal Shopping Cart Configuration Wizard Configuring Dynamics CRM to display list of products or services on CRM Portal requires complex set of records and JavaScript in CRM. Shopping Card Wizard does all the work for you. Shopping Cart Configuration Wizard is FREE solution - no strings attached. Click here to download the solution […]

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