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Inogic's Logo Tips to Automate & Secure Business Processes (Documents, Access, Data, Reports) with these Power Platform tools!

Discover how these Power Platform tools and technologies can transform your business processes, boost efficiency, and enhance accuracy. To save up your time we have created these concise summaries of […]

Collectiv's Logo How Do We Switch from Excel to Power BI?

While Excel is an important part of the Microsoft ecosystem, it also has serious limitations for more advanced use cases. From accidentally deleted formulas that are impossible to track down […]

Collectiv's Logo 11 Power BI Report Examples That Will Make You Ditch Excel

Enterprises worldwide possess a powerful tool in Power BI, yet many are only beginning to grasp its true capabilities. While it's known for its prowess in sales reporting, financial analysis, […]

Inogic's Logo Power Platform Development: Save Time with This Ultimate Cheat Sheet (2024)

The Struggle is Real: Time Crunches in Software Development Navigating the challenges of software development often revolves around time constraints. It's widely recognized that a simple increase in the number […]

Collectiv's Logo Navigating the Pitfalls of Delayed Technology Adoption

In a rapidly evolving market, businesses that delay embracing new technologies run the risk of lagging behind. This hesitancy can result in missed opportunities, such as increased efficiency, enhanced customer […]

Collectiv's Logo Ride The Third Wave of Planning and Forecasting with Power BI

Planning is a broad phrase that encompasses any kind of long-term projections and forecasts, both in finance and in other departments across the organization. As technology has evolved to support […]

Collectiv's Logo Power BI for Non-Profits: Optimizing Data for Effective Analysis

While non-profits typically play essential roles in the community, they are often limited in funds and budget, making it all the more important for teams to use their time and […]

Collectiv's Logo Leveraging Power Platform to Drive Efficiency in Healthcare

According to OECD Health Statistics 2023, the United States spends over $900 per person on administrative costs related to healthcare. Despite this being four times the average of other wealthy […]

JourneyTEAM 's Logo Better CRM with Your Microsoft SharePoint Intranet

Having a better intranet is no longer an option, it's a necessity. Clear communication, secure content storage, and advanced knowledge management are only a few of the critical elements to […]

JourneyTEAM 's Logo Power BI: Create the Perfect Key Column in 4 Simple Steps

Working with Microsoft Power BI Key Columns   Matching your keys is an essential piece of data modeling and data analysis. Anyone working in Microsoft Power Business Intelligence runs into […]


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