New Release - Microsoft Dynamics CRM "Statement of Direction" May 2011

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Future Vision

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 just launched it’s no surprise that Microsoft wants to keep the momentum going with a sneak peek into the future direction of Microsoft Dynamics CRM over the short and long term.

The Microsoft “Statement of Direction” document is an excellent resource for anyone interested in the future direction of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. AbleBridge posted the document on our website for download: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Statement of Direction – May 2011. After reading the document I’m sure you’ll agree that Microsoft Dynamics CRM is well-positioned to provide tremendous value to organizations of all sizes and industries going forward.

Here is a summary of the key points we found especially interesting:

  • Social Collaboration and Engagement through micro-blogging, business activity feeds, and social intelligence. The continued investments to unify Microsoft Dynamics CRM with other Microsoft technologies (SharePoint, Lync, Office) will further the customer engagement capabilities of CRM.
  • Cross device, Multi-browser support by utilizing HTML5 for structuring and presenting content. Delivering “CRM Anywhere” presents a whole new level of user productivity and adoption.
  • Accelerated Release Schedules will accelerate innovation of the product and for the businesses using the product. Traditionally, major CRM product versions were released in 2-3 year development cycles but moving forward, new capabilities for Microsoft Dynamics CRM (both online and on-premise) will be delivered twice yearly with releases targeted for Spring (Q2) and Fall (Q4) of each calendar year.

(FYI - For current Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 or CRM Online customers the next Automatic Service Update is currently planned for Q4 CY2011. The next Scheduled Service Update is currently planned for Q2 CY2012)

In our opinion, the product direction is right in line with market demand and it’s just going to keep getting better. We’re also going to see a lot more pre-built add on and industry solutions become available in the maturing Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace; this will further accelerate user adoption and a rapid return on investment. It’s a very exciting time to be engaging with Microsoft Dynamics CRM!

by AbleBridge, a Massachusetts Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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