Dynamics CRM for Vertical Industries

HSO's Logo Navigating Sustainability Regulations: Fostering Responsible Practices for US-Based Manufacturers with Global Operations

In today's interconnected world, the urgency of sustainability and environmental stewardship has become undeniable due to climate change and depleting resources. The call for more responsible practices extends across diverse […]

HSO's Logo How Financial Services Firms Can Achieve Hyperautomation Using the Power Platform

  Microsoft’s Power Platform provides financial services firms with the tools they need to increase productivity. It’s drag-and-drop low-code/no-code features let users create useful apps, automate business processes, and perform […]

HSO's Logo [Video] Gain a Competitive Advantage with an Enterprise Data Strategy

  Many companies are awash with data, but they have no overarching strategy to manage that data across the enterprise. Instead, each department accesses the information that concerns them and […]

HSO's Logo [Video] Knocking Down Data Silos and Securing Your Data in Financial Institutions

The dangers of data silos Too many organizations go day to day without an overall strategy for how to handle their data. If a business unit wants to gain a […]

HSO's Logo [Video] Empowering Retail Banking: Revolutionize Sales Pipeline Building for Success

  Are you tired of struggling with pipeline management? Don't let it hinder your progress. Discover how Microsoft Dynamics 365 can empower you to build a thriving pipeline in the […]

HSO's Logo How to Harness Relationships for Future Growth with legal360 CRM

To be successful, law firms are under increasing pressure to build their client base using less resources. Achieving this seemingly impossible task means getting the most out of the firm’s […]

CRM Cloud Upgrade's Logo It’s time to ditch your Dynamics CRM VPN

It’s time to ditch your Dynamics CRM VPN. Time for some spring clean-up. For most Microsoft Dynamics CRM users who are using an in-house server-based CRM, your IT team has […]

HSO's Logo Challenge Accepted: Make CRM More Impactful on a $2Tr AUM Global Asset Management Firm, Thanks to the Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics 365

A cloud transformation using Microsoft Dynamics 365, shared by the project management expert who oversaw its success At HSO, it is our belief that technology, and the expert technical consultants […]

HSO's Logo Challenge Accepted: Replace an Existing CRM and Find a Modern Approach to a Demanding but Profitable Asset Management Channel with Dynamics 365 Sales

A CRM for financial services transformation with Microsoft Dynamics 365, from the project management expert who supervised the successful process from installation to conclusion At HSO, our feeling is that […]

HSO's Logo 8 Big Reasons AEC Firms Go with Dynamics 365 and aec360 and Not Salesforce

When you think of CRM software, you probably think of Salesforce – and with good reason. Salesforce holds a sizable percentage of the CRM market, amounting to nearly 25% of […]


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