6 Sales-Driving Enhancements of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015

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As promised within their established bi-annual schedule, Microsoft recently announced the next big release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM software will be available December 2014. Sales, marketing and operational executives all over the world anticipate the arrival of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015!

Ultimately, the goal of any CRM software is to increase sales revenue and speed up the sales process. Whether it be through sales strategy, marketing effectiveness, or customer service excellence, the overall purpose is to drive more sales through customer acquisition and retention.

In that pursuit, Turnkey Technologies has compiled the top 6 sales-driving enhancements of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 that have sales and marketing teams squirming with anticipation.


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6 Sales-Driving Enhancements of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015:

1.  Product Families Basket Vector (product families) 

This new sales feature boosts selling effectiveness by delivering more empowering product management capabilities. The ability to bundle products simplifies cross-sell/up-sell opportunities, and documenting product attributes helps create relationships between customers and relevant products.

2.  Guided Sales Processes Circle Arrows (Guided Sales)

This feature allows organizations to optimize, standardize and exploit their sales processes for the highest possible success rates. With streamlined business processes and configurable business rules, organizations can guide their sellers to success by enforcing their best sales processes across any device.

New branching logic means more complex business processes can now be created, allowing for more flexible if-then scenarios and split processes.

3.  Sales Hierarchy Bar Chart Pyramid Vector (Sales Hierarchy)

The new hierarchical visualizations and roll-ups allow organizations to manage and report on their sales data in ways that map to their business. Users can visually create and explore sales-related hierarchies with information displayed on tiles, launch actions or communications from any node, and query filter records using the under operator. This visual hierarchy delivers quick sales insights based on the user’s preferences.

4.  Sales Collaboration Panel Users Vector (sales collaboration)

The new Sales Collaboration Panel included in Dynamics Marketing tightly integrates sales and marketing efforts to create valuable synergies that drive sales. With this new feature, sales departments can provide input into marketing campaigns and targeting, and receive alerts based on campaign interactions.

5.  CRM for Tablets Enhancements Tablet Vector

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 enables sellers to stay productive no matter where they are. The new personalized home experience in CRM for tablets allows mobile users to pin key records and analytics from any tablet-enabled dashboard for easy access to valuable insights on the go. In situations where connectivity isn’t available, offline drafts can now be created and changes are synchronized once reconnected.

6.  Campaign Management Console Pie Chart Vector (Campaign Management)

The Campaign Management Console is a feature of Dynamics Marketing that has been enhanced to track, manage and analyze campaign success. It includes complex multi-condition triggers, embedded cross campaign offers and split A/B testing to maximize effectiveness. Running fine-tuned, automated campaigns allows you to maintain a constant marketing push while you to focus on areas that require more specific attention, effectively doubling your marketing efforts.


Microsoft’s commitment to delivering timely updates reflects the current state of business environments everywhere. The marketing environment changes constantly and rapidly, so having the latest and greatest capabilities to address today’s customers is a must. Microsoft Dynamics CRM users are in a great position to stay ahead, as they are always equipped with the most relevant, yet comprehensive, front office functionality.

These new features add on to the innovative framework of previous Microsoft Dynamics CRM releases. Click here to read our June 2014 article for more recently added features.


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By Turnkey Technologies, Inc. – Microsoft Gold Certified Dynamics CRM and Dynamics ERP Partner.

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