9 Key Benefits of CRM for Construction Contractors

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For Construction Contractors to be successful, they have to build strategic relationships with business owners, clients, governments, engineers, architects, subcontractors and suppliers. Like any organization, they receive business leads through multiple sources- referrals, social media, networking, etc. Without a solution like Microsoft Dynamics CRM, wrapping your head around this much information is more or less impossible. A clear vision of your data and its functional roles and relationships is necessary to optimize everything from your marketing strategies to on-site operations.

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While on-site, CRM provides crucial information right when you need it. Site Managers oversee many aspects of a construction project, like allocating resources, managing the delivery of materials, delegating tasks and ensuring quality and safety throughout the whole process. For project visibility, they require information around available resources, time and labor, the supply chain, as well as project-related documentation. Microsoft Dynamics CRM delivers it through your choice of desktop or mobile devices, both online and on-premise.

To have a clear strategic vision of your business, all the various pieces of data must be correlated and brought under one roof. Easy-to-use dashboards, configurable reports and additional tools give top management the self-service capabilities to analyze data for immediate business insights.

Here are 9 key benefits of CRM for Construction:

  1. Keep track of project bids and follow up activities
  2. Real-time access to project-related documents
  3. Visibility and scheduling for available resources
  4. Streamlined supply chain and improved supplier relationships
  5. Track time and labor spent on tasks and goals
  6. Real-time access to business data and analysis
  7. Keep track of inbound and outbound leads, and run targeted campaigns
  8. Meet your clients where they are – on social media – to take advantage of immediate opportunities
  9. Have sales staff follow up with prospects and clients in a timely and effective manner


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  1. Technology has been shown to really organize the jobs of a construction crew or even a contractor. One of the things I like when looking for a contractor is how organized they are. Nothing demonstrates good work ethics better than being organized and knowing what jobs you have lined up for you.

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