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Marketing Automation

What Makes the Perfect CRM Record?

 Want to be a better data-driven marketer? Your Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a great place to lay that foundation!   Let’s get started by talking about what makes your perfect CRM record. This will be unique for every business, but there are some guidelines you can use to start your thinking and planning processes: Sales […]

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Your Marketing Automation Success Guide

If you’re new to your marketing automation platform integration with your CRM system, this post is designed to give you guidance on best practices—and worst practices—for marketing automation. Let’s start with the good:   Your Email Must Add Value People tend to subscribe to emails for one of three reasons: To receive discounts, special offers, […]

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3 Ways to Drive Intelligent Marketing with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing CRM

Vying for the attention of buyers today requires more effort than ever before. As Marketers try to nurture customer demand, they must differentiate their business by offering truly personalized buyer experiences that turn prospects into engaged customers. Make that difference with CRM from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing.       To formulate the right message, […]

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Creating Lead Nurtures with Microsoft Dynamics and Marketing Automation

Understanding the roles best played by Microsoft Dynamics and marketing automation platform is key to developing technically strong lead nurture campaigns. Let’s set the actual content and design of your campaign aside for a minute and think about the technical makeup of how it will be executed.   But first a quick reminder of why […]

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Marketing Automation Platform Implementation Guide for Microsoft Dynamics

There are lots of questions to answer as you consider what sort of marketing automation platform to connect to your CRM system, but one question that’s often overlooked is how will you implement the software? Will the process be painful or easy? And what do you need to know about that process before you sign […]

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How to Run a Content Download Campaign with Marketing Automation and Microsoft Dynamics

Ready to ramp up your lead generation efforts? As more of your marketing strategy moves online, it’s more important than ever to create downloadable, education-oriented content that can deliver more early funnel leads into your pipeline.   How and When to Gate Your Content One of the questions we hear frequently is when should content […]

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How to Customize the Account Entity for Marketing and Sales

Making the most of Microsoft Dynamics CE/CRM means having forms that support both marketing and sales efforts. Whether you’re triggering campaigns in your marketing automation platform based on field in Microsoft Dynamics or building marketing lists based on the data entered in each entity, your success starts with how you customize each entity to match […]

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The Ultimate Strategy Guide for Microsoft Dynamics and Marketing Automation

Want to make the most of your Microsoft Dynamics and marketing automation platform integration? You'll need a strategy that considers data, execution, and integration points first. One of the things we love most about Microsoft Dynamics is how customizable the solution is for sales and marketing departments. It's flexible enough to match up with just […]

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How Custom Fields in Microsoft Dynamics Connect to Your Marketing Automation Strategy

Whether you’re using Microsoft Dynamics CRM or CE/Sales in Dynamics 365, you’re probably using custom fields to capture information that’s relevant to your business model. Out of the box, Dynamics offers lots of fields that are common to most business types, like First Name, Company, Email Address, and mailing address information—but the beauty of Dynamics […]

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Segmentation Strategies for Microsoft Dynamics Marketers

There’s an old saying: Knowledge is power. And for marketers, knowing as much as possible about our customers empowers us to create messaging that truly resonates. If you can develop an understanding of each of your clients or leads as individuals, you can deliver a more personalized message that will end up paying big dividends […]

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