The 4 Most Compelling Reasons Why Companies Purchase CRM

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With so many niche tools available to provide specific sales and marketing functionalities, the landscape of front office technology is getting a bit muddy. Consequently, companies looking to improve their front office capabilities may have trouble deciding between a collection of disparate marketing tools and CRM.

For companies seeking multiple sales, marketing and customer service functionalities, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the comprehensive choice. It also acts as the foundation to house and integrate just about any additional front office tools you may acquire into one single application with shared, centralized data. Without CRM, your numerous sales and marketing applications operate from their own inconsistent data and may not deliver their maximum value.

In the broadest sense, the overall goal behind implementing CRM is to shift your company to a more customer-centric philosophy in order to build better, more profitable relationships with customers and suppliers.

To be more specific, however, most businesses implement CRM with one or more of the following benefits in mind.

4 Compelling Reasons Why Companies Purchase CRM:

1. Centralized Data

  • Share customer data, market intelligence and activity history across sales, marketing and customer service professionals
  • Access and manage communications with customers, suppliers, partners, etc.
  • Store and share company knowledge, resolutions for common issues, and business processes for easy access and consistency across the organization
  • Real time information on available inventory to sell, upsell, and discount
  • Real time information on available resources to schedule for field service and off-site projects
  • Analytics related to the length and effectiveness of sales, marketing and customer service processes
  • Business Intelligence to identify correlations and strategies that truly drive business results

2. Improve Sales

  • Develop longer, more personal, and more profitable relationships with customers
  • Gain sales pipeline visibility, forecasting and drill-down capabilities for management
  • Arm sales reps with a 360 degree view of their customers
  • Align sales processes with organizational objectives using structured business processes
  • Optimize sales processes to reduce sales cycle length
  • Integrate sales with financial systems to automate sales order processing and reduce time spent on non-selling activities

3. Enable Marketing

  • Structure, organize, visualize and analyze the effectiveness of marketing campaigns
  • Automate marketing tasks for lead nurturing and lead management
  • Develop customer profiles based on demographics and other attributes to fit product lines
  • Segment customers by attributes and other data for targeted marketing lists
  • Integrate and manage various social media accounts from one platform

4. Improve the Customer Experience

  • Gain tools for enabling customer service reps to document, structure, and route customer service requests
  • Create structured business processes and call scripts for resolving customer issues
  • Create a knowledge base of resolutions to common issues, questions and concerns that customers frequently have
  • Integrate with supplier and distributor information systems for inventory tracking, automatic restocking, order tracking and other self-service functionalities


With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can do all this and much more in ways that are familiar to your people and integrate completely with productivity applications they already use, like Microsoft Office and Outlook. For a high level estimate of your investment in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, get a free Microsoft Dynamics CRM Quick Quote!

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By Turnkey Technologies, Inc. - Microsoft Gold Certified Dynamics CRM and Dynamics ERP Partner of Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma and Iowa.

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