5 Ways to Maintain Focus with Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Finding Your Zen

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When you get asked what you do for a living, do you ever think, ‘What don’t I do?!’


Marketing InsightsIf your one job title does not reflect your diverse responsibilities, you are not alone. I have been in marketing and business development for small businesses for most of my professional career. In those years I’ve come to realize that my job’s biggest challenge is managing my time and transitioning between my various responsibilities.


Okay, so using the term “Zen” in this blog may be a bit misleading in the spiritual sense. But it’s a great way to describe the stress-relieving benefits to be gained from Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It gives me tools and features to do more with less effort, giving me more time to focus on each task at hand.


If you work in marketing for an SMB, can you relate to any of the following job titles?

Communications Director

Market Research Specialist

Content Creator

Client Relations Manager

Campaign Strategist

Social Media Manager

Public Relations Manager

Brand Manager

Event Manager


If so, we have some things in common. Let me explain how Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows me to manage my role without getting overwhelmed.

How I use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to achieve marketing Zen:

  • Dynamics CRM stores, structures and analyzes our sales and marketing campaign plans, which allows me to efficiently keep the sales team updated on our latest promo offer campaign.
  • Dynamics CRM has dashboards that show me in real-time, without any effort on my part, where we are with our lead generation results and how these are converting into sales opportunities.
  • For our events, I can segment my target markets and customize their messages so our clients and prospects are receiving the right information.
  • For new outbound marketing initiatives, I can research past correspondence from clients in the target industry to track what their pain points were. This helps me write relevant marketing messages to speak to the audience’s needs.
  • New Leads are nurtured without any effort with automated email campaigns that send out customized emails based on behavioral triggers and scheduling.

We'll be completing our Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 upgrade later this month. If your identity crisis is getting the best of you, try these tactics to regain focus.

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By Turnkey Technologies, Inc. - Microsoft Gold Certified Dynamics CRM and Dynamics ERP Partner of Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma and Iowa.

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