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Why Does Microsoft Dynamics CRM Beat

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dynamics crm vs salesforceAre you comparing Microsoft Dynamics CRM versus SalesForce? Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the better investment, and we can prove it.

In the new white paper “Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs 8 Reasons Microsoft is the Better Investment” we feel we make a compelling argument for Microsoft Dynamics CRM over in 8 detailed points.

For example, ask yourself these questions.

Is cloud always better? makes its money betting on people’s blind attraction to the cloud, even if a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution is not best for their companies. Microsoft, however, recognizes that some companies will benefit from the cloud, others from on-premise CRM and still others from a hybrid combination of both. Therefore, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is available online from Microsoft, on-premise at your organization’s offices or hosted by a third party provider.

Do you use Microsoft Office?

Dynamics CRM integrates with Microsoft Office, which your company likely already uses, in ways that never can. Dynamics CRM also offers more features for less money without the hidden costs that come with While profits from its add-on services, Dynamics CRM offers more functionality without costing you more.

Do you like to switch between applications?

While Microsoft Dynamics CRM keeps salespeople focused on their work with tight integration, users are forced to switch between apps, leaving their salesforce app to do simple tasks like checking email.

This is just a sample. Find out more differences between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and

Download the full white paper: “Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs 8 Reasons Microsoft is the Better Investment”. (no sign in required)

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By AbleBridge, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner,

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