CRM Workflow: Email CRM Report as PDF Attachment

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There are two ways to Email a CRM report as a PDF attachment, depending whether the CRM is online or on premise

CRM On-Premise

Using Dynamics Workflow you can schedule how and when the workflow will create a new Email message, and attach it to the Email  report in PDF format, using SQL Server Reporting Services. The workflow function “Email PDF Report” is a new addition to Dynamics Workflows Solution posted on this blog (read more on Dynamics Workflows)

An example of how to create a workflow to email an invoice is described below.
You can download Dynamics Workflow (Download Trial Version)

CRM Online

For security reasons, Microsoft does not allow access to SQL Server of CRM online. You can still send reports using Dynamics Docs, as explained in the following 2 posts:

Design your own CRM Reports.
Email unpaid invoice reminder with CRM workflow.


Email Invoice Workflow (for CRM on premise)

The workflow has two steps:

Step 1: Create Email, set the sender and recipient email addresses, in a similar way you set the Create Email properties of this workflow task.

Step 2: Email PDF Report. In the Set Properties window enter the following information:

The login credential of CRM user, in the format of: Domain\User and Password. We separate the Domain\User into two fields, one for the domain and the second one for the user name.

Report Server URL: the location and folder of Report Server, in the format of servername/reportserver or serverIP/reportserver

Make sure you publish the CRM report first. If the report has sub report, publish both reports.

Report Name: The name of the report like Quote or Invoice

Email: Look up to the Email created in previous step. In Form Assistant, select Look For=Local Values  and then select and ADD the Email Message option. See image below




Download Dynamics Workflow (Download Trial Version)

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