7 Reasons a Financial Services Firm Replaced Salesforce with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics CRM? Which CRM software is the better fit for a financial services company?

Many organizations contemplate this question. The obvious answer is, it depends on your requirements and goals. Yet, it helps to understand why companies like yours choose one over the other. It's even more helpful when you can learn from a company who has used both Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

7 Reasons Why Research Affiliates, a Financial Services Firm, Replaced Salesforce with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Research Affiliates is a global leader in innovative indexing and asset allocation strategies. Built on a strong research base and led by industry experts, this dynamic firm delivers solutions in partnership with some of the world's foremost financial institutions that offer mutual funds, ETFs, separately managed and comingled accounts.

The firm’s way of doing business is their competitive edge—from an entrepreneurial culture that continually looks for new ways to help clients succeed, to the unique ability to blend deep academic research and real world experience in advising them.

Unfortunately, Salesforce CRM – implemented several years earlier – was stunting their growth and putting their success in jeopardy.  Here’s why:

  1. They found Salesforce impossible to configure to fit the unique and complex business model that set them apart. Salesforce’s rigidity was forcing them to modify their business processes to fit the software.
  2. The adoption rate for Salesforce.com was very low because users found the interface confusing and clumsy, making it difficult to do what the firm was known for—providing well-researched information.
  3. Salesforce was becoming cost-prohibitive to support, modify, and upgrade. Even if the software could be modified to meet the firm’s needs—which was questionable—the cost of doing it and continuing to support it would be a financial drain.
  4. The firm had unique, complex security needs that would help create efficiencies and target new opportunities. Salesforce could not accommodate these requirements.
  5. It was challenging—if not impossible—to integrate Salesforce with data and other systems such as Outlook, creating silos of information and causing serious problems such as poor visibility, access to data, activity tracking and reporting.
  6. With Salesforce, it was nearly impossible to manage the unique, complex interrelationships of their clients, putting those relationships at risk.
  7. Salesforce did not support the firm’s growth trajectory; they wanted an extensible platform they could support and modify internally as they desired.

After evaluating their options, Research Affiliates chose Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Green Beacon as their implementation partner.  Dynamics CRM’s power and flexibility, combined with Green Beacon’s expertise in financial services, produced a solution that put the firm’s strategy into operation, keeping them on their growth trajectory.

Download the Research Affiliates success story to learn how moving to Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Green Beacon improved usability, visibility, reporting and security while lowering total cost of ownership (TCO).

by Green Beacon

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