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Integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM and a Phone System

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We work with a nonprofit company that has five offices across the state and offers a multitude oIMG_0811f different programs for their clients. In order to ensure more effective and efficient customer service, Microsoft Dynamics CRM was integrated with their phone system so each time they receive a call, the account is automatically pulled up that coincides with the phone number, giving the operator all of the customer’s information right away. That call is then automatically logged, allowing sales personnel to easily track calls and take notes of what follow-up needs to be completed.

When calls come in that are not linked to an account in the system, a new account is automatically created. Once the new account is touched by an employee, whether that be through entering notes or updating contact information, it becomes an official account in CRM. If the account isn’t touched within 48 hours, it’s automatically deleted. This safeguards against the creation of needless accounts whenever a wrong number or telemarketer calls.

When an employee needs to make a call, they are able to pull up the customer account in CRM and launch the call through a single click of the phone number.

Through integrating CRM with their phone system, they have greatly increased their level of customer service and support.

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