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The need to provide amazing customer experiences is not reserved for enterprise organizations, and neither is the ability to pull it off.

One key way to ensure that your customers are having positive, memorable interactions with your company is to keep tabs on what they are saying on social media. By doing so, you can track what your customers and prospective customers think of your brand, your products, and your messaging, as well as how they are responding to those things.

Most see social media monitoring as a time consuming and daunting task that is unattainable for small or even midmarket businesses. However, that perception is 100% false.

According to Microsoft Director of Product Marketing, Jennifer Pollard, “small companies can be listening for trends that are going on in markets to figure out ways to break through the noise.”

Microsoft Social Listening is a new tool that is becoming available in the Spring Wave of Microsoft Dynamics CRM updates. It enables companies to automatically monitor sentiment and interactions on blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube without having a dedicated social media staff.

For details on the functionality of Microsoft Social Listening, see this overview post on the Microsoft Dynamics Community Site.

Find out what Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Social Listening would cost your organization with a Quick Quote.

By Socius, a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner in Ohio and Kansas

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