Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs Salesforce: Missing Functionality and Hidden Costs

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white paper coverWhen comparing the costs of Microsoft Dynamics CRM versus, it’s critical to evaluate the functionality to make sure that you are comparing apples to apples.

To make sure you get what you need, ask if there is an extra cost for additional functionality, including:

  • Visual workflow
  • Partner and community portals
  • Mobile support
  • Outlook integration
  • Data migration and de-duplication.

When comparing these two products, make sure that you compare all the benefits, not just the costs.

Find out more in the white paper “Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs 8 Reasons Microsoft is the Better Investment”. (no registration required)

If you are interested in comparing the value and benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM versus Salesforce for your organization contact AbleBridge at or 877-600-2253.

By AbleBridge, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner,

Twitter: @AbleBridge


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