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Microsoft Dynamics President’s Club Honors CRM Software Blog Members

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Each year The President’s Club for Microsoft Dynamics recognizes high performing Microsoft Dynamics partners who have achieved exceptional growth and delivered innovative business solutions to their clients.  They have also demonstrated a commitment to customer satisfaction by having an active ERP or CRM competency in the Microsoft Partner Network.  The criteria used in selection are designed to reward partners whose FY15 practices and results align with Microsoft’s overall objectives of driving growth and maintaining a strong commitment to customer satisfaction.

We are happy to announce that the 2015 President’s Club list includes 6 of our CRM Software Blog members:

AKA Enterprise Solutions

Crestwood Associates

Green Beacon Solutions

Ledgeview Partners

The TM Group

WebSan Solutions


We’d like to congratulate these members for their inclusion on the Microsoft Dynamics President’s Club list for 2015. Well done!


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