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ABCs of Dynamics CRM 12-8-15 v2 Full BorderAre you considering Microsoft Dynamics CRM as your customer relationship management solution? If you are reading this blog on then I am guessing the answer to that question is yes.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has thousands of features that can help virtually any company, in any industry, and of any size, grow and prosper.

Ledgeview Partners will start at the core of CRM in this fast paced 30 minute webinar "ABC's of Dynamics CRM" on December 8, 2015 that will provide you with a great framework of what Dynamics CRM is all about.


It all starts here in Marketing. In order to grow your business, your sales team needs a healthy pipeline and a list of qualified leads to work with. Within Dynamics CRM we will show you how a Marketing Manager can effectively use the tools in CRM to manage, track and report on their campaigns, generate qualified leads and assign follow up for sales to drive new opportunities.


With all those great new warm leads coming from Marketing in CRM, we pass the baton to sales. Learn how sales can build relationships, track and move opportunities through a structured business process pipeline and close deals faster and more effectively.

Customer Service:

Retaining current customers is cheaper than getting new ones and if companies want to grow their business it’s all about building long term relationships – and that starts with taking care of them once they become your customer. In Dynamics CRM, service is a growing feature that Microsoft is really putting a lot of emphasis on with recent releases. In this session, you will see via a live demo how to enter, track and follow up on service cases, how to effectively manage those cases (and your service team) through reporting and dashboards and ultimately keep your customer singing your praises.

And More...

Our Dynamics CRM product expert, through a combination of informational, interactive slides and live demonstrations, will provide you with the foundation to answer the questions such as,' what is CRM, why do I need it and how do I get started (successfully)?'

Webinar: ABC’s of Dynamics CRM
Date: December 8, 2015
Time: 11:30am – 12: 00pm CST

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