Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs Salesforce: Using Microsoft Outlook

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SF vs CRM Outlook 1When you are choosing a CRM package, does the real Office experience matter?

Your sales and marketing people likely spend a big part of every day in Microsoft Outlook. It’s the hub of communication with customers, prospects, and fellow employees. When your team uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM, they don’t have to change the way they work.

As opposed to, which only has an Outlook plug-in, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is fully integrated, which means workers don’t leave Outlook, they can add leads or complete tasks while they are there.

While Outlook has long been the hub of our daily lives, the collaboration and social tools like Lync, Skype, Yammer, SharePoint are becoming more ingrained. With Lync, chat and presence allows employees to have conversations instead of email strings. Yammer connects everyone in the business to the announcements, documents, and discussions. As business processes evolve, Microsoft Dynamics CRM will always be in the center of activity.

The real Office experience does matter and will become even more important. Technology hasn’t finished changing the way we do business, it’s just begun.


  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a true Microsoft Outlook application, not just a plug-in.
  • has removed Outlook features, like the ability to manage opportunities and leads.

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