Everything Your Customer Service Team Needs to Get Started with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

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Last month, I wrote a series of “Getting Started with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013” blogs for general users as well as those who work in Sales and Marketing.  If you missed either of them, click the links provided in the previous sentence to catch up.

Today, I would like to add one final chapter to the series and share some Dynamics CRM 2013 resources specifically geared towards individuals who work in customer care roles.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 How Tos for Customer Service Professionals:


1.  Quick Reference for Customer Service Reps

This 2 page PDF gives you step by step instructions complete with screenshots on how to perform some of the tasks most often done by service reps in Dynamics CRM, including finding and editing a case, creating a case, assigning a case to someone else and more.


2.  Resolve or cancel a case

As you’re probably already aware, one way to increase customer satisfaction is to ensure that their issues are handled in a timely manner. Dynamics CRM 2013 makes it easy to close a case once an issue has been resolved, so that your customer care team can easily track and prioritize which cases still need their attention.


3.  Find what's assigned to you by using queues

Queues in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 are basically folders where you can store and organize all the cases and associated activities that you need to complete.  They help you to easily stay on track without worrying whether any important tasks are slipping through the cracks.


4.  Basics of service and service scheduling

If your organization plans to use Dynamics CRM 2013 to schedule maintenance and other customer service related visits, this article walks you through how to use that functionality.


Want even more how tos like these? Visit the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Best Bets page for customer service professionals .


Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Video Demos for Customer Service Professionals:


1.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Customer Care Overview


This brief video gives a high level overview of how Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 empowers your entire customer team to work together not only to assist customers, but to delight them.


2.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Customer Service User Experience Demo

Much more in depth than the last video, this one walks viewers through how to perform a variety of common customer care related tasks in Dynamics CRM.  It also demonstrates how the steps taken to handle these tasks have changed with Dynamics CRM 2013 as opposed to previous versions of the software.


The goal of this blog series has been to provide Dynamics CRM 2013 users like you with a cheat sheet, so to speak, of written and video resources that will allow you to spend more time on what’s important in your individual role, and less time learning new software. I hope you’ve found it helpful!  If you have any questions about the tips shared here, feel free to leave them in the comments below.


Or, if you have general questions about Microsoft Dynamics CRM and whether it’s the right solution for your business, contact our friendly experts today!  They’ll be happy to help you address your specific needs.


By: Laura Heinbockel, Intelligent Technologies, Inc., A NC Dynamics CRM Partner


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