4 Noticeable Ways Microsoft Dynamics CRM Can Lighten Your Workload!

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Multi-tasking various work activities can be challenging for anyone, and I'm certainly no exception.  Luckily, it doesn’t have to be with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and its diverse functionality that helps me complete my day-to-day activities.  Whether it’s following up with leads and clients, generating new sales opportunities, or creating and sharing marketing content, Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides me with the tools I need to get it done faster, or better yet, automates the process for me!


Let CRM Remember the Details-

No longer do I have to rely on my own (imperfect) memory to keep track of key details on leads and clients.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides me with a 360 degree view of my customers, a tool for remembering and accessing key points when it matters.  We’ve all had that moment when we think of the perfect thing to say just minutes after the sales call has ended.  Now you can deliver that value at the right time with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and realize better success rates.


Let CRM Be Your Personal Assistant-

With numerous tasks on my plate, it’s easy to let things slip through the cracks.  Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM to schedule follow-ups, appointments, and other activities means I don’t have to keep track of it all in my head.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM will send me a notification when the activity needs to be completed, so I don’t forget about my customers, and they don’t forget about me.


Let CRM Be a Point of Collaboration-

As a marketing professional, I create plenty of Microsoft Dynamics content to educate potential customers and promote our products.  Delivering educational resources is typically a role of sales or marketing, so I was surprised to find out how often customers request such information during conversations with our consultants and developers.  I use Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a central depository for all of our marketing materials to provide company-wide access to informational documents as needed.


Let CRM Take That off Your Plate-

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a catalyst for executing marketing activities.  High-value tasks such as sending 2,000 personalized emails takes only minutes.  It’s literally as simple as setting a few parameters and clicking send.  It even provides me with real-time analytics, helping me optimize and perfect my efforts the next time around so I can avoid running low-impact campaigns.


To put it simply, Microsoft Dynamics CRM makes my job easier.  I no longer have to compromise with time.  As always, the key to achieving the full benefits of your business solution is to embrace it.  A CRM solution can only help you as much as you’re willing to let it.  Utilize your CRM, love your CRM, and be amazed at the results!

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By Turnkey Technologies, Inc. – Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri Microsoft Dynamics CRM & Microsoft Gold Certified Dynamics GP Partner

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