Social Media + CRM Accelerates Customer Service Response, Builds Loyalty

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When a customer calls with a complaint or service issue, the conversation is between just your company and the customer. But when the customer goes to Twitter to complain, now you have a potential wildfire to contend with. Ignore it, and the flames spread. Address it, but slowly, your company comes across as apathetic. Answer rudely, and you’re definitely in trouble.

However, when you respond quickly, with the right message and attitude, you’ll most likely snuff out the “fire” and sometimes even make your company look like a hero.

Social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, have given customers a greater voice to express dissatisfaction with brands to an audience who value their opinion – their friends and followers. It used to be that an unhappy customer would tell a handful of close friends about an unpleasant experience with a company and the news would stop there. Now, just one status update or tweet can reach thousands of people with a single click and then be shared or re-tweeted from there. With social media, bad news travels very far and fast.

While traditional customer relationship management (CRM) does a great job with equipping your service staff with the information they need to effectively resolve in-coming calls, what about the complaints being expressed outside the company’s walls, online? How do you stay on top of and respond to those complaints when they’re not addressed directly to your company?

Social Networking Accelerator for CRM

This is a key reason why Microsoft developed the Social Networking Accelerator as an add-on module for Microsoft Dynamics CRM – to enable users to more efficiently track online conversations about their brand from multiple social media platforms, all from within a single application, Dynamics CRM.

Consider the possibilities for faster, better customer service when you seamlessly integrate social media with Dynamics CRM.

  • Instead of getting blind-sided by bad news spreading quickly, configure your CRM to serve as an early warning system for product or service issues by monitoring social networks for complaints and issues relating to your brand
  • Monitor chronic complainers to identify top potential service issues
  • Instantly create a case within Microsoft Dynamics CRM from online conversations so you can then effectively address the case offline through an established problem resolution process
  • Address new issues by posting a response online quickly and automatically tracking responses within Dynamics CRM
  • Identify the most talked-about issues about your products or services and leverage that feedback for future improvements

The Need for Speed

When it comes to online conversations or complaints about your brand, the speed of your response is paramount. By combining social media tracking capabilities with CRM, you’re equipping customer service staff with the information they need – within a single application – to accelerate response times and WOW customers.

To explore the possibilities that come with integrating social media with your CRM, contact ERT Group at 954-825-0888.

Enterprise Resources Technology Group, Inc. (ERT Group) is a technology consulting firm that empowers companies to grow and succeed with business solutions that streamline processes, improve productivity, and squeeze more profit from operations. ERT Group is a Florida Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and a 2010 President’s Club member for Microsoft Dynamics – offering Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics ERP.

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