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What Makes the Perfect CRM Record?

 Want to be a better data-driven marketer? Your Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a great place to lay that foundation!   Let’s get started by talking about what makes your perfect CRM record. This will be unique for every business, but there are some guidelines you can use to start your thinking and planning processes: Sales […]

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Enhance Dynamics 365 CRM & Power Apps productivity with 1 Click Inogic productivity Apps!

Today, you will find innumerable productivity apps that are available in the market which will help you to enhance Dynamics 365 CRM productivity in one way or another. But it seems quite tedious to search and find the right app for your organization. To make your search easy, we will shed light on some of […]

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3 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Keeping Your Attachments in Dynamics 365

The thing about Dynamics 365 email attachments is that they take up space. Lots of space. And then you have other kinds of attachments, for example in Notes, and those take up space too... In this article, we will start by looking at the three main reasons you should not keep your attachments inside Microsoft […]

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Your Marketing Automation Success Guide

If you’re new to your marketing automation platform integration with your CRM system, this post is designed to give you guidance on best practices—and worst practices—for marketing automation. Let’s start with the good:   Your Email Must Add Value People tend to subscribe to emails for one of three reasons: To receive discounts, special offers, […]

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Explore the latest Event-Based Alerts feature within your Dynamics 365 CRM!

Alerts4Dynamics (Preferred App on Microsoft AppSource) is a must-have app for all those of you who want to seamlessly create and manage alerts and notifications within Dynamics 365 CRM and Power Apps. It gives you an option to create a variety of alerts within Dynamics 365 CRM, such as Record-Based Alerts, Rule-Based Alerts, Announcement and […]

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How Detail Map feature within Dynamics 365 CRM & PowerApps helps create productive strategies with geographical insights

Maplytics (Preferred App on Microsoft AppSource) is known and valued for its easy user interface and powerful feature-set. To maintain this state of efficiency, Maplytics ‘Detail Map’ helps users visualize their Dynamics 365 CRM / PowerApps data on the map for analysis. Detail Map visualizations can be used to extract useful geographical insights for your […]

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1 Click to Undo changes in Bulk along with Restoring Dynamics 365 CRM Deleted Records & History Changes as well!

Data allows organizations to make effective business plans, find resourceful insights, and much more. Hence, maintaining good and accurate data in Dynamics 365 CRM and Power Apps is very crucial. But what if there is a data entry error? What measures to take when an important record is deleted from the CRM environment? Dynamics 365 […]

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Sales quotes in Dynamics: magic in, garbage out?

Everyone knows that if you put garbage leads or info into your CRM, you’ll have garbage on the back end, too. What about if you put magic in, though? Shouldn’t you get magic out? Not necessarily.  Here are some ways things can go off the rails during the sales process in D365, and how you […]

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Get better visualization of Cases using Kanban Board within Dynamics 365 CRM / Power Apps and resolve them quickly!

One of the factors that helps in maintaining efficiency, productivity and agility in business process is seamless data visualization. For this very purpose, we at Inogic, have come up with very a user-friendly Dynamics 365 CRM productivity app  – Kanban Board. Let’s understand how this amazing app will benefit you in visualizing Dynamics 365 CRM data […]

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How Banks and Lenders Can Grow Business By Knowing Customers in the Age of Social Distancing

In this time of social distancing and working remotely, the technology you choose and use to stay close and up to date with your customers is more important than ever. How do you get a complete view of your customers when you can’t meet with them in person? Having a full-function CRM (Customer Relationship Management) […]

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