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How to Accelerate Your Time-to-Revenue Inside Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

Through the COVID crisis, growth in the SaaS sector continued to hold steady. Indeed, the pandemic shines a spotlight on the need for digital transformation in sales, revenue operations, and finance. Spend on SaaS solutions continues to grow to meet the increasing demand for technology to enable remote sales and finance teams.  As Satya Nadella […]

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1-Click app to export and email Excel Templates from Dynamics 365 CRM, something you have been looking for!

Dynamics 365 data is stored in form of records. These can be exported offline in form of Reports, Word or Excel templates. In order to export the reports, word and excel templates there is a complex procedure in Dynamics 365. To ensure an ease in exporting these templates we have introduced a productivity app Click2Export. […]

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Best Practices to Get Paid Faster – Building a Successful Recurring/Subscription Business​

As Simon Sinek says – “Start with Why”? Volumes play an important role in a subscription business. This revenue is billed more frequently, in fact monthly- for 1 customer you are generating 12 invoices a year! The invoices are typically smaller in size than one-off sales. If you are reselling products (which is true for […]

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Store and Manage Dynamics 365 CRM documents in SharePoint in native folder hierarchy structure with the latest Attach2Dynamics feature

Now-a-days, everybody stores data in cloud. With its ease of accessibility and n number of features, cloud storage has become the rage. And specifically, for Dynamics 365 CRM users, SharePoint has become the best place to store and manage documents/attachments. But storing data doesn’t mean to dump all the data in SharePoint. To get information […]

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2 Ways to Streamline Your Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM Solution

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a complete CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system with many cutting-edge features and an abundance of useful tools. However, some of those valuable tools may have been designed for businesses very different from yours. Do you feel that your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM is overly complicated? Are there features and tools that […]

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1 Click to Undo changes in Dynamics 365 CRM – Restore changes done last, in past and multiple records too!

After 1 Click to Clone, 1 Click to Export we are quite excited to announce release of our another star-studded addition to our suite of productivity apps – Click2Undo. As the name suggests, it is an app that restores the last state of Dynamics 365 CRM records in just 1 click. Since Dynamics 365 is […]

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Effective Guided Selling for Remote Sales Teams Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

In the current economic climate, you may be evaluating your sales processes to uncover areas that could be streamlined for greater efficiency and better results. Now is the prime opportunity to dig into your sales metrics and technology stack to make improvements. You may be asking yourself the following questions: Can every member of my […]

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Now visualize Business Process Flow in the form of Kanban Board and categorize rows for better data clarity in Dynamics 365 CRM & PowerApps

Growth of an organization depends upon the collective effort put together by all the departments; be it Sales, Marketing, Finance or Accounts. This effort includes pursuing each and every business process diligently and maintaining decorum while doing it. In order to pursue these processes, one needs to know about it and understand it. Once it […]

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Power-CRM Version Released

            Power-CRM update is now available. This version upgrade includes 17 bug fixes and 15 new functionality items. Along with version, we are also releasing the Power-CRM Sales Analysis App. This optional add-on solution is a full analytics app for Power-CRM containing 10 full dashboards/reports and over 70 charts/graphs/KPI's. […]

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Connecting Software won “Top 10 Blockchain Solution Provider 2020”

Connecting Software is proud to have been selected as "Top 10 Blockchain Solution Provider" by Enterprise Security Magazine. The award follows the launch in the last quarter of the company's Blockchain-based digital seal solutions. The award-winning digital seal solutions Both CB Digital Seal for SharePoint and CB Digital Seal allow you to seal your documents […]

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