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The Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem for Millennials – 3 revealing questions

Millennials are incredibly tech-savvy and expect software to be highly customizable, easy to integrate and rich in features.   Following from the launch of CRMSoftwareBlog's white paper 21 reasons millennials prefer Microsoft Dynamics, here is our experts' take on the subject.   We focus on mobility, integration and flexibility,while keeping an eye on Dynamics 365 security […]

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Map My Relationships – Get a Mind Map View of your Dynamics 365 CRM Records

Business world is quite dynamic. It constantly keeps on changing. In this changing world maintaining B2B relationships is a constant tactical challenge. If you are not aware of key stakeholders, decision-makers or influencers then you will lose the game. At one moment the deal is in your hand, next moment you are off the deal. […]

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Track Leaderboards, Top Performing employees and CRUD actions in Dynamics 365 CRM

Managing workforce and tracking its performance leads to an effective business process in return increasing the productivity of an organization. Since the workforce in Dynamics 365 CRM can be of varying capacity, it is complex to track each employee individually. This is where the productivity app user adoption monitor kicks tracking the user adoption of […]

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Work 365 Payment and Invoice Integration for CSP Automated Billing

When it comes to billing, invoicing and payment collection, there’s more involved than just sending out an invoice. One of the main challenges of a cloud solution provider within the Microsoft CSP Program is to either create or find solutions that will standardize the invoicing and payment collection process to help scale their business. To […]

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PCF controls for quick visualization of Dynamics 365 CRM data on maps!

Map + Dynamics 365 CRM has emerged as an essential component of any Sales or Service cycle targeting various Leads, Prospects and Clients. With map integration, seamless opportunity to visualize Dynamics 365 data on maps is enabled and users can take required steps to thrive in the market. Maplytics is such an app that leverages […]

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Managing Business Credit Risk for CSP and Recurring Billing with Work 365

Payments at Risk Not all customers are created equal. This is especially true when it comes to payment timeliness – businesses that offer pro-rated or ongoing services in advance of payment are taking on risk and can be affected by slow or missed customer payments. Evaluating the extent of that risk and coordinating that risk […]

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Copy Only Related Dynamics 365 CRM records from another record

Cloning records is one of the most popular application on Dynamics 365 CRM data. Although complex, it provides the best possible outcome when it comes to dealing with bulk data. For this reason, Click2Clone was introduced to simplify data cloning, and thus saving the organization from exhausting its workforce and finance. In our previous post […]

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4 Important CRM Dashboards Every Banker Needs

Our goal is to help banks make better decisions, streamline operations, manage data and information more effectively, and ultimately build a better bottom line. After working with 1,800 financial services organizations across the country, including more than two-thirds of the top 100 U.S. banks we know they all want fast, efficient access to data. Based on […]

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Inogic new Apps for Dynamics 365 CRM and PowerApps – Whats different in these?

We are sure there is always a curiosity to find new Apps for your Dynamics 365 CRM and PowerApps systems to get over those daily mundane tasks and empowering more productivity for you and your teams. So this time we took a different approach while building apps, we did keep Productivity in mind but took […]

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Dynamics 365 and SharePoint: 3 Ways to Replicate Permissions Structure

Recently, I’ve come across a post on Dynamics 365 and SharePoint integration. The story is from one CRM forum, and the writer was looking for a solution for permission structure in SharePoint. From the number of similar threads, many organizations are concerned with the same issue – missing synchronization of permissions and privileges between the […]

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