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Alfapeople's Logo CRM Benefits for Small & Mid-Size Companies

A successful business is the product of a hard working team that excels in customer service, making customers come back or never want to leave. Corporate history is full with […]

Alfapeople's Logo Which Purchase Has Better ROI – CRM Software or Business Intelligence Software?

Most business software is expensive, and companies often invest a tremendous amount of capital expenditure. The goal, of course, is to use that software to make the company stronger. This […]

Alfapeople's Logo Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Privacy Policies

We live in a "connected" world. Children are now born into a society with constant connectivity from mobile phones, computers, and social networks. Many websites try to gather as much […]

Alfapeople's Logo 8 Ways to Incentivize Employees to Use CRM

When it comes to customer relationship management (CRM) software, if it’s good for management, it’s good for everyone else … right? Not always. If your staff resists using CRM, no […]

Alfapeople's Logo Determining What Metrics to Track with CRM

Tracking specific metrics is essential for evaluating performance of sales, marketing and customer service initiatives – to determine where to invest more money and where to pull back or even “pull the plug” altogether. But what metrics are actually worth tracking?

This is an important question because your customer relationship management (CRM) system may quickly generate reports full of interesting data, but if it does not serve as actionable intelligence, you won’t have the information you need to drive sound business decisions that grow sales and profit. How do you decide what metrics are worth tracking and should be configured in your CRM system?

Alfapeople's Logo Defining the Case for CRM Before Making the Investment

The promise of customer relationship management (CRM) software is compelling: increased sales, lower customer acquisition costs, and improved service response times. Yet, not all CRM deployments are created equal, and many fall short of generating these benefits.
Why? In many cases, it’s because the company lacks a clear business case for CRM, which defines why you need the system and what business value you expect it to create. Read More...

Alfapeople's Logo How to Keep Unrealistic Deadlines from Sinking Your CRM Deployment

You’re under intense pressure by senior management to launch a new customer relationship management (CRM) system in time for the busy holiday sales season. However, based on experience, you know […]

Alfapeople's Logo 3 Unique Sales Challenges of Professional Services Firms – and How Your CRM Should Solve Them

Whether a company is an architectural firm, accounting firm, ad agency, or law firm, there’s one thing each of these types of professional services businesses have in common: the “product” […]

Alfapeople's Logo Social Media + CRM Accelerates Customer Service Response, Builds Loyalty

When a customer calls with a complaint or service issue, the conversation is between just your company and the customer. But when the customer goes to Twitter to complain, now […]

Alfapeople's Logo Microsoft Dynamics CRM-to-ERP Connector Cuts Integration Time, Cost

What if you could streamline data-entry processes throughout your organization in a way that eliminates redundancies, reduces errors, and boosts employee productivity? How much money could that save your company? […]


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