The Benefits Reaped when Companies Switch to Microsoft Dynamics CRM from

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Having had the opportunity and pleasure of attending the Microsoft Dynamics Partner Event in Fargo, N.D. this past week, it really makes me so proud and excited about promoting the Microsoft Dynamics Platforms and the benefits of the products.  Sitting in my seat on the plane making my way back to Detroit, I had the chance to read an informative whitepaper about the Top 40 CRM Software Vendors by ( I immediately noticed that the vendor matrix provided proved that Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one of the only software products that is heralded by being fully represented in all ten measurable categories.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM clearly bested in all the appropriate categories. 

I recently polled our experienced and knowledgeable consultants on this very topic.  “Just exactly why are more companies switching from to Microsoft Dynamics CRM,” I queried. The resounding reply was:  “The office fluent interface!” The tighter integration between Microsoft CRM and Microsoft Outlook was the definitive and resounding response about the strongest user adoption overall.  So many sales and marketing people are already comprehensively working in Microsoft Outlook scheduling appointments, calendaring events, entering new contacts and data, that the obvious choice for easier usage, less learning curve or training needed, is Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform’s seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook. Our clients tell us it’s easier, and no extra work is created.  Granted, has an outlook plug-in, but it’s clunky and cumbersome to work in.  The interface is seamless with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. falls short by not providing the incredibly robust document management tool that Microsoft’s CRM native integration with SharePoint provides. You have the opportunity to store much more data and documentation within the product, and it’s a swift way to maximize your investment with SharePoint.

 Another great asset is that Microsoft Dynamics CRM fits your needs and offers powerful flexibility.  Either using the on- premise platform or in the cloud; the clients distinguish what model works best and then have the ability to switch when needs change.  And another tremendous feature: the capacity to work with offline data without internet access provides maximum productivity for your team.

 Finally, I would like to mention that there are absolutely no hidden costs with Microsoft Dynamics CRM as there are with  The “one price for all functionality” delivers an exceptional value and includes reports and graphs; and you run it right from Microsoft Outlook. The Service Level Agreement is also an added bonus.

 Want to enrich your company and make your business life easier?  Contact The TM Group today for more information at or visit our website:  To read more, please download this informative paper: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online vs. at:

By Jennifer Swiderski, The TM Group, Michigan Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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  1. I agree with the Outlook part, but how do companies who are predominantly on UNIX and Oracle DB deal with the migration as they might be already having HP, SUN servers on UNIX running Salesforce, Siebel etc. which might be redundant then ?


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