14 Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Straight ‘Out of the Box’

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Compared with most other CRM products, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a powerful and highly flexible CRM solution. Qualified Microsoft Dynamics CRM Business Partners are able to configure the product to meet a wide variety of different industry and business processes, no matter how complex these processes or requirements may be.

With all this functionality, flexibility, and potential, it’s easy to lose sight of the benefits that Microsoft Dynamics CRM will bring to an organisation that has fairly standard business processes and is just looking to improve its sales, marketing, and customer service.  

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a great option for businesses that need a highly configured or customised CRM solution. In fact it can be so highly configured that it can become hardly recognisable as a CRM solution (which is where ‘xRM’ or ‘anything relationship management’ comes in). But Microsoft Dynamics CRM is also ideal for organisations, small or large, that need straightforward, ‘out of the box’ functionality. It’s great CRM software for businesses that want minimal configuration, combined with ease of use to generally improve their business processes and deliver a rapid return on investment (ROI).

With a choice of deployment options; either on-premise, partner hosted, or cloud-based, the flexibility of Microsoft Dynamics CRM begins before the implementation process. Even though it is effectively the same product, there are a variety of different reasons businesses choose to go on-premise or cloud-based. For example, a common deciding factor  in choosing between on-premise or cloud deployment is the preference for either an up-front capital cost, which you’ll incur more with the on-premise version, or having a monthly operational cost incurred with the cloud option Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. There are many other reasons as well, but whatever your preference, Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives you a choice. This means you can deploy the product in a way that’s best suited to your business strategy.

Whatever deployment option you choose, here are 14  ‘out of the box’ benefits that Microsoft Dynamics CRM will typically deliver to a business soon after implementation:

  1. Staff start to work more effectively and make better decisions because, using features such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s search filters, ‘advanced find’, and reporting tools, they can quickly and accurately access the precise information they need.
  2. Your Marketing improves as Microsoft Dynamics CRM makes it easy to set up, manage, run, analyze, and refine campaigns. This in turn helps marketing staff get the best from their marketing spend, and improve campaign results.
  3. Right from the start, the range of new features in Microsoft CRM 2011 such as dashboards, its enhanced familiarity, and role-tailored client help everyone who uses the system work even more efficiently.
  4. You soon begin to win more business as Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps Sales and Marketing staff work together and improve the way they track and manage leads and opportunities.
  5. Because Microsoft Dynamics CRM keeps all information in one place, there are no more silos of information – everyone has access to all the information they need and they work together more effectively.
  6. Having all customer interactions stored in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, combined with its range of tools and integration with Outlook you soon start to improve communications with your customers and increase general business efficiency.
  7. Your business processes improve as, properly implemented, Microsoft Dynamics CRM installs a ‘best practice’ approach.
  8. Your customer retention and revenue increases as your staff deal with queries more quickly and efficiently.
  9. Marketing and Sales bring in more orders as Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables them to keep a clear view of the market and identify more potential sales opportunities.
  10. Microsoft Dynamics CRM has a variety of features to boost productivity and is a fast, easy to use and reliable CRM solution, so your overall businesses efficiency soon starts to improve.
  11. Because Microsoft Dynamics CRM improves sales forecasting, your scheduling and purchasing also improve.
  12. Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables better pipeline management, which in turn means you can more accurately predict manufacturing and production requirements.
  13. Your senior sales staff and management better develop sales individuals and teams through greater transparency and analysis of the sales process.
  14. Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s servicing and case management increase your efficiency in handling customer issues, problems or support requests, improving your customer care, your reputation and customer retention. 

There are many other specific benefits Microsoft Dynamics CRM can deliver to a business. Once you’ve used Microsoft Dynamics CRM for a while, installed a ‘CRM culture’ in your business, and started realising the benefits, then you’ll start to appreciate the product's potential even more. That’s when you may start to consider exploiting the flexibility of Microsoft Dynamics CRM through further development and more advanced configurations – f evoren greater benefits.

If you’re a UK business and need advice or more information about implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the benefits it can deliver to your organization, please contact Concentrix TSG .

By Concentrix TSG: a leading  UK Microsoft Dynamics Specialist

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