Connecting Software's Logo Yes, You Can Connect Excel to SQL Server, Dynamics 365, and More

  Microsoft Excel has been around for a long time, and users love it so much that most companies have important data in Excel spreadsheets. This ubiquitous nature of Excel […]

Connecting Software's Logo Software Integration Evolution: Challenges of the Past, Present, and Future

Look at the successful enterprises around you. Don’t they all depend heavily on underlying software applications? The problem is that, as time goes by, enterprises invariably end up with software […]

Connecting Software's Logo Infographics: Learn How Huge the IT System Integration Costs Are Worldwide

In this day and age, it is not surprising that businesses around the world spend trillions of dollars on IT each year. But did you know a significant part of […]

Connecting Software's Logo How to Make an API Gateway Work to Your Advantage as a CRM Admin

  First things first: What is an API gateway? To get to what an API gateway is, we have to start with what an API is. But don’t worry: this […]

Connecting Software's Logo How AI, IoT and Blockchain Technology Can Empower Your Organization in 2021 and Beyond

We are almost halfway through 2021 and it is time to look beyond to see which innovative technologies will help us thrive in the future. Following the launch of CRM […]

P2 Automation, LLC's Logo How Our Client Saved $23K/Year Switching From SalesForce CRM to CRMPlus365

I love showing clients how they can save money. One of our clients owns a small business that was using SalesForce CRM. Unfortunately, the system was unnecessarily complicated and didn't […]

P2 Automation, LLC's Logo P2 Automation: What's Exciting for Small Businesses in 2021?

We don't need to dwell on what a challenging year 2020 was for businesses large and small. We're all ready for better days ahead. At P2 Automation, we're looking forward […]

Strava Technology Group's Logo Fail, Survive or THRIVE? What will be your outcome to the current economic downturn?

What will be your outcome to the current economic downturn? The Harvard Business Review studied the last 3 recessions finding very important information that every business leader should review. A […]

Connecting Software's Logo Taking it one Step Further with Digital Seals with Blockchain Technology

Let's pick up the story of Noah, a CRM consultant who implemented an XRM solution with an IIOT integration for Oliver Smith, production manager at a manufacturing facility. As Oliver's […]

Connecting Software's Logo Staying one step ahead of the competition with XRM and IIoT

It is not easy to maintain that edge and stay one step ahead of the competition. This is the story of Noah Walker, a CRM consultant, that wanted to find […]


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