3 Powerful Things AbleBridge Did For Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customers in July

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We've been selling the value of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform for quite some time now.  One where any business can mold a business solution specific to its needs and the relationships it needs to manage.  The concept of XRM (X = Anything Relationship Management) is one we’ve been talking about for years.  I could certainly forego yet another acronym out there; but it really does encapsulate the value of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform.  Yes, there are still “front office” CRM systems out there - but most businesses don’t want to invest in a box anymore.  Unless we’re performing a customer migration from ACT, Goldmine, SalesLogix to Microsoft Dynamics CRM we rarely see them at the table.

Here are some real world examples of some business challenges AbleBridge solved last month - across industry and business function with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform.

  1. Automated the quoting process in Microsoft Dynamics CRM for an Insurance Agency that needed to track and respond to Requests For Proposals (RFP’s)
    • Workflow rules streamline the communication and sending of RFP’s to insurance carriers.
    • Agency-wide visibility into the statuses of outstanding RFP’s by prospective customer and insurance carrier.
    • Significant time savings in order to create send and track RFP responses. 

  2. Created a client rating system in Microsoft Dynamics CRM for a Financial Advisory firm that wanted to automatically grade its clients based on different factors of the firm / client relationship. 
    • Aggregated four key criteria to determine a single rating based on the client's overall holistic value to the firm.
    • Rating system will be utilized for more targeted marketing campaigns and appropriate holiday gifting.
  3. Built a custom dashboard in Microsoft Dynamics CRM for a Home Health Care Agency that needed quick visibility into the number and type of cases scheduled for each home healthcare aide. 
    • Real time chart of weekly and monthly scheduled cases by service type.
    • Provides a more accurate picture of case workload and reduces scheduling conflicts. 
    • Phase 2 discussions will focus on automated service case matching with home healthcare aide skill sets.

By AbleBridge, a Massachusetts Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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