3 Key Challenges Your Sales Organization Can Overcome with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Challenge 1:  Lack of a central knowledge base of customers and prospects

Knowledge is power.  And just knowing who your customers and prospects are will provide insightful information that your sales force can use to build strategies for growing revenue.  Oftentimes, just knowing this information will serve as a catalyst for more productive account planning and cross-team collaboration.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is an easy to use and intuitive application to manage all the relationships important to your business.  Accessed from the web or right within Microsoft Outlook, it will allow for more efficient sales planning and account management.

For companies that already have a centralized system, enrich the customer and prospect data accessible to your sales force.  Integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM with your ERP / Accounting system could provide Order summaries that your sales team can utilize to cross-sell / up-sell products across your customer base.  Integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM with a data service like Hoover’s can help your sales organization become more efficient in their prospecting efforts by identifying key decision makers, influences, and road blocks in an account.

Challenge 2: Inefficient / non-existent sales pipeline management

You might think this challenge is only important for sales managers to overcome but at the end of the day most sales reps recognize that effectively managing their deals will help them make their numbers.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows you to centrally track key deal information and establish consistent sales processes with pre-defined workflows.  Clear visibility into where revenue opportunities are in the sales cycle gives your sales organization actionable intelligence to make informed decisions.  Using Guided Dialogues in Microsoft Dynamics CRM you can streamline the qualification process.  Using Workflows Microsoft Dynamics CRM you can ensure that consistent sales processes are followed at each stage of the sales cycle.

Challenge 3: Decrease in personal productivity for Sales Reps

Spending hours each day in administrative activities is a productivity drain.  If people are spending a lot of time on activities that don’t directly help them produce sales or happy customers, look for ways to streamline those “non-selling” activities.  If they are necessary, but not adding value – do them as efficiently as possible.

Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM right from within Outlook is a huge boost to a salesperson’s productivity.  You can use Personal Views, Preview Panes, Most Recently Used lists as well as tracking inbound and outbound emails to records in CRM with a few clicks.  No application switching needed.  The integration with Excel gives your sales people an easy way of manipulating, summarizing, and reporting data that can be maintained with a bi-directional synch between CRM and Excel.   Microsoft Word can be used to create personal mail merge templates and workflows can automate follow ups or set alerts for key events.

 AbleBridge has helped many sales organizations adopt best-practices and sales tools that make them more efficient and effective in their selling processes.  We have implemented CRM systems for over a decade and we understand the features and functionality that are important to business users.  And we also know the common pitfalls and challenges that hinder user adoption and organizational acceptance of a CRM solution.

Today Microsoft Dynamics CRM is our only CRM technology focus.  The reasons are simple: it’s familiar user interface, seamless integration with Microsoft Office, customization flexibility, platform scalability and its multiple deployment options.  We feel these ingredients make Microsoft Dynamics CRM the best CRM technology investment for any organization looking to implement a CRM strategy.

Feel free to contact AbleBridge if you have any questions or want to learn more about how we can help your organize realize the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

by AbleBridge, Massachusetts Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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