The Value of CRM Mapping for Sales Professionals

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CRM Mapping on an iPhone

Here’s the beauty of integrating Dynamics 365 for Sales with a CRM mapping application: raw CRM data comes alive on an interactive map so you can quickly visualize what would have taken hours to analyze in a spreadsheet.

What value does this have for sales reps? It helps them see exactly where their best customers and prospects are located so they can plan more-productive sales trips and close more sales, all without leaving CRM.

  • Plan more strategic appointments. Not all customers and prospects are created equal. With limited time, sales reps need to make strategic choices that yield the best return for their time invested in the field. On average, 60% of an account rep’s time is spent on non-sales activities. This percent can be significantly reduced with better planning using CRM mapping. Before leaving the office, sales reps can use CRM mapping to identify higher-value accounts that are segmented by sales per year, industry, number of employees, or any desired criteria within Dynamics, including missed opportunities and length between last visits.
  • Optimize time on the road. Every minute counts when you’re on the road. With fully integrated CRM mapping, sales reps can set a radius around their target area to improve efficiency and minimize non-selling time. In addition to viewing destinations in map, street, and satellite formats, reps can also find hotels, restaurants, parking and airports, to simplify travel planning and create detailed point-to-point driving instructions.
  • Take advantage of spontaneous opportunities. What happens when an appointment cancels at the last minute? Instead of spending time sipping coffee, account managers and sales reps can search CRM for new opportunities around their current location, and arrange spontaneous meetings to improve productivity. For added efficiency, detailed driving directions can be directed to their smartphone.
  • Find missed sales opportunities. With CRM mapping, sales reps can evaluate points on a map representing every opportunity that has been won or lost. Clicking on an individual map point drills down to the full CRM record, where reps can see how long it has been since they engaged with a targeted company. And by seeing these targets in proximity to other scheduled appointments, reps can add them to their itinerary and rekindle the opportunity.

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Bob Sullivan - President, InfoGrow, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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