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by ISV/Add On Partners

Pourquoi intégrer vos projets à Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Les ventes et les opérations sont souvent perçues comme étant deux équipes différentes avec des buts distincts, mais il est maintenant plus important que jamais que ces deux groupes travaillent ensemble. Avec des budgets et des délais de plus en plus serrés, les estimations doivent être toujours plus précises, alors que les dates de début […]

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Why You Should Integrate your Projects to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Most companies probably look at sales and operations as two different teams with two different sets of goals, but it’s more important than ever for these two groups to work together. As budgets tighten and timelines shorten, estimations have to be even more precise, and the start and end dates have to work with what […]

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How Crowe Problem Loan Management App Can Help Lenders Deal With Problem Loans

It would be an understatement to say that we’re living in critical times. All businesses and most individuals are affected by the present economic downturn triggered by the COVID–19 pandemic. The banking industry is looking for ways to help their clients weather the storm while keeping their own institutions solvent. There’s little doubt that we’ll […]

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Map My Relationships: Get a 360-Degree view of your Customers within Dynamics 365 CRM in a quick glance

Dynamics 365 CRM being a multifaced platform provides users data-driven solutions. And businesses look for solutions that can increase the productivity of Dynamics 365 CRM multi-folds. One such solution required is an application that can enhance the viewing of records and their relationships like account details, lead details, perform quick actions on records, and further […]

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Manage Subscriptions and Licenses within Dynamics 365 CRM like a pro!

Automation capability in software enhances the accuracy and ensures that maximum time is saved. Users working on Dynamics 365 CRM have a wide scope of automation to expedite the process. In Dynamics 365 for Sales, there is a process of creation of invoices. If these invoices are created manually each time it is required, one […]

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Register for our exciting July Webinars – Dynamics 365 CRM Productivity at its best!

July is a another exciting month since we are lined up with not one, not two, but three exciting webinars on our Preferred Solutions at Microsoft Business Applications marketplace AppSource viz. Maplytics, Attach2Dynamics, SharePoint Security Sync and Click2Undo. Let’s throw a spotlight on how these apps follow the forefront of Microsoft’s technology: Click2Undo Businesses that […]

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Adapter Dynamics 365 Sales aux besoins des firmes de services professionnels avec Power BI

Si vous utilisez déjà les tableaux de bord de Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, il se peut qu’a priori vous ne voyez pas d’utilité à ceux de Microsoft Power BI. Cependant, il s’agit là d’un outil important pour les firmes de services professionnels puisqu’ils offrent une meilleure visibilité sur les informations dont elles ont besoin, incluant […]

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A Powerful Problem Loan Management Solution for Lenders in the Digital Age

Everyone in the banking industry is following the news, you see the statistics and the predictions. There is no doubt that there are going to be problems in your loan portfolio. Smart lenders should be asking: Have my policies and procedures kept pace with the changes of the last decade, and am I prepared to […]

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How to Accelerate Your Time-to-Revenue Inside Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

Through the COVID crisis, growth in the SaaS sector continued to hold steady. Indeed, the pandemic shines a spotlight on the need for digital transformation in sales, revenue operations, and finance. Spend on SaaS solutions continues to grow to meet the increasing demand for technology to enable remote sales and finance teams.  As Satya Nadella […]

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Improve the Usability of Dynamics 365 Sales for Professional Services Firms with Power BI

If you’re already using the dashboards provided by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, you may not see the need to use Microsoft Power BI as well. However, it can be an important tool to help professional services firms obtain better visibility on all the information they need, even data outside the CRM.   Dynamics 365 Sales […]

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