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by ISV/Add On Partners

An App to Automate Lead Assignment in Dynamics 365 CRM using Round Robin Algorithm

Assigning or allotting Leads to respective sales professionals is a very important task. This task, if not handled properly will result in loss of potential clientele which will eventually lead to low sales and low returns. So, in order to make this task effective and effortless, Inogic introduced a new productivity app for PowerApps & […]

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The Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem for Millennials – 3 revealing questions

Millennials are incredibly tech-savvy and expect software to be highly customizable, easy to integrate and rich in features.   Following from the launch of CRMSoftwareBlog's white paper 21 reasons millennials prefer Microsoft Dynamics, here is our experts' take on the subject.   We focus on mobility, integration and flexibility,while keeping an eye on Dynamics 365 security […]

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Solutions CRM gratuites et payantes: Quoi choisir pour votre organisation?

Vous songez à faire l’acquisition ou à changer votre solution de gestion de la relation client? Comme d’innombrables solutions CRM sont disponibles, il peut être tentant d’ignorer les produits payants et de se concentrer sur les options gratuites. Gardez cependant en tête que si quelque chose semble trop beau pour être vrai, c’est probablement le […]

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The Customer Experience – Combining E-Commerce and Self-Service with Work 365

Businesses often treat e-commerce and self-service as separate solutions to two distinct business needs. As a result, each solution only solves one issue and customer data is not synchronized between all systems that touch a customer. For example, if a customer purchases an incident tracking solution that solution won’t have a market place and vice […]

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Map My Relationships – Get a Mind Map View of your Dynamics 365 CRM Records

Business world is quite dynamic. It constantly keeps on changing. In this changing world maintaining B2B relationships is a constant tactical challenge. If you are not aware of key stakeholders, decision-makers or influencers then you will lose the game. At one moment the deal is in your hand, next moment you are off the deal. […]

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The Customer Experience – Self-Service and E-Commerce with Work 365

Some estimates show that up to 80 percent of customer interactions will happen through self-service as early as 2020. Customers are looking to place orders, submit tickets, get billing information and receive various other services on their own terms. These services are enabled through technology investments which can be challenging to implement for smaller businesses. […]

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Why Use an Integration Platform for CRM Needs?

The need to integrate software goes back… way back! But now there is such a multitude of software, platforms, and options that it almost drives you crazy.   You might get to a point in which you have a mix of cloud and on-premises, a mix of state-of-the-art software with very old legacy software… and how […]

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Track Leaderboards, Top Performing employees and CRUD actions in Dynamics 365 CRM

Managing workforce and tracking its performance leads to an effective business process in return increasing the productivity of an organization. Since the workforce in Dynamics 365 CRM can be of varying capacity, it is complex to track each employee individually. This is where the productivity app user adoption monitor kicks tracking the user adoption of […]

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[Webinar] Collect Cash Fast! Payment Processing with Work 365

Work 365 is built for Microsoft CSP Partners to scale and grow their cloud business. Built on Dynamics 365, Work 365 helps you to deliver exceptional Customer Service, Increase Profit Margins, and Streamline Accounting and Sales. Using the Work 365 Billing Automation Platform, CSPs can transform their way of doing Subscription Billing and Invoicing completely. […]

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Free vs. Paid CRM Solutions: Which Is Better for Your Organization?

Thinking of acquiring or changing your customer relationship management solution? The sheer number of CRM solutions available can be overwhelming, and it may be tempting to ignore paid products in favour of the free options. But if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Here are some of the factors you should […]

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