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Experience unprecedented productivity by seeing exactly where your best customers and prospects are located in relation to where you are calling, all without leaving CRM.

InfoGrow recently released its most popular CRM mapping solution with enhanced desktop functionality and new mobile capabilities, enabling account managers to schedule more appointments and make more sales.

With CRM Call Planner, account managers can plan highly efficient road trips, with more calls, before leaving the office, by locating customers, distributors, and prospects of interest near their primary appointment. They can also locate nearby parking, restaurants, and hotels to simplify travel planning and create detailed point-to-point driving instructions. All of this is possible from within Dynamics, without exporting records to a separate mapping application.

Once in the field, CRM Call Planner Mobile eliminates wasted time sitting in coffee shops between appointments. Account managers can find new call opportunities in the area, and arrange spontaneous meetings to improve productivity and respond to last-minute schedule changes. For added efficiency, they can use their smartphone to provide turn-by-turn directions to their call.

CRM Call Planner and CRM Call Planner Mobile are an integral part of the CRM SmartMap™ Sales Productivity Pack. Together with CRM Geocoder Plus, these applications turn CRM data into actionable maps to help account managers schedule more meetings with their most important customers and prospects.

According to Bob Sullivan, President of InfoGrow, initial feedback on the new release has been enthusiastic. “I’ve been showing sales leaders how easy it is to eliminate downtime in the field and set more appointments by integrating maps into CRM. Many have said this is just what they’ve been looking for to increase revenue from their sales territories and improve adoption of CRM. Salespeople love it!”

Sullivan asks organizations to project how much sales would improve if every rep scheduled just one more sales call per week. “If you do the math, one extra appointment for 50 weeks multiplied by your percentage of appointments converting to opportunities close rate can significantly improve your bottom line,” says Sullivan.

The CRM SmartMap Sales Productivity Pack is compatible with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Dynamics CRM 2015 and higher. All applications are bundled with a simple, per-user monthly subscription with no contract.

InfoGrow specializes in helping companies find and keep their best customers using Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM. If your CRM is not living up to your expectations, then seek us out. Our No Results Missed pledge ensures your satisfaction with our carefully chosen processes that will improve sales and organizational growth.

Learn more and join a live group demo to discover how CRM Call Planner and the entire Sales Productivity Pack can improve customer engagement and boost sales. You can also call me at 330-929-1353, extension 224, or email me at to talk further.


Bob Sullivan - President, InfoGrow, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner


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