Document Flow Automation for Microsoft Dynamics 365

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There are so many ways to mark progress in human history. In recent decades, we’ve made huge leaps in technology and capabilities that have re-defined modern life.

Xpertdoc vs. OOTB Document Generation in Dynamics 365

The evolution of document generation offers a similar picture. Progress isn’t measured only by a new product, but by automated capabilities that provide dynamic functionality, such as Xpertdoc for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Document generation on its own is like comparing a wind-up Victrola to a digital music download. Native Dynamics 365, for example, offers document generation with a few options, but none of the automated capabilities and technological conveniences that make the Xpertdoc Smart Flows component the competitive choice. If you want to compare the technical capabilities of both, click here.

Xpertdoc’s document flow automation solution is all about automating and executing every process needed for the creation, management and delivery of forms and documents from one spot. This is a powerful and competitive business advantage, not only for its efficiency, but also because it provides personalized customer service, which ultimately leads to better customer engagement and retention.

Modernize document-centric processes

Every day, organizations send out communications like flyers, proposals, quotes, intake forms, follow-ups, offers, and more. These items could contain reusable content and repeated details like legal clauses, pricing, product descriptions, scope of service, etc. What Xpertdoc offers is the ability to design data-driven forms and templates, and then automate the assembly and delivery of the documents. You can create, manage and deliver personalized documents with the confidence of knowing the content and format are accurate and up-to-date every time.

A common document scenario for Sales 

Let’s say you are a salesperson and want to send out a proposal to a customer, but you need to make some edits to the proposal template. You’re a little wary at first, because you’re not a graphic designer. You’re relieved to discover that editing the template is easy – edited in Microsoft Word with no coding skills required so you don’t need to call IT for help. Best of all, you can automatically merge any Dynamics 365 data into your templates and conditionally display content for truly dynamic and personalized documents. And with e-signature integration, customers can complete and sign their proposals in seconds, resulting in an accelerated sales cycle.

After the document is returned electronically, you can save it to a SharePoint site for general access. If someone requests a hard copy, it’s no problem to print one. And you can now define business rules and workflows for other documents, such as invoices and marketing communications.

To stay competitive, it’s time to go with the flow – Xpertdoc document flow automation that is. Sign up today for a free 30-day trial!

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