How to Email Docs Template with Workflow in Dynamics CRM

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This article assumes you have the knowledge of how to create a workflow to send an Email in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The workflow task Send Email performs two functions: create Email and Send Email.

To send Docs Template as PDF attachment to an Email, we use the workflow Create Email rather than Send Email, while the customized task Email Docs Template sends the Email.

The task Create Email is very similar to Send Email. In the next task, “Email Docs Template” set the task’s Properties as follows

Email: Point to the Email created in the previous task (Look for>Local Values)

Template Name: The name of the templates as in Settings>Docs Templates

Report as attachment: if True is selected the report is attached to Email as PDF file

Report in Email Body:  if True the report is converted to HTML and displayed in the Email body.

Attachment file name: the name of the PDF file that will be attached to the Email

Attachment as PDF: select True for PDF or False for Word document


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