Email "Unpaid Invoice Reminder" with Dynamics CRM Workflow

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Part of 360-degree customer view in any CRM system is the custome'r invoices and whether they are paid on time.  Dynamics Objects integrates between Dynamics CRM and ERP / Accounting software, and when a new invoice is raised or a customer’s payment is allocated to unpaid invoices, the Invoice record in CRM is updated and its status is set to "Paid".

In a previous post, how to customize well-presented invoices in CRM using Dynamics Docs, we also mention that one of the benefits of using Dynamics Docs over Microsoft SQL Reporting Services is the ability to schedule the report with workflows even with Dynamics CRM Online.

Here are step by step instructions on how to send an Email with invoice as an attachment or in the body of the Email using CRM Workflow. You can also watch it on this video.

The Workflow starts when a new Invoice is created and has the following steps:

Step 1: Wait Condition – Wait till the due date the invoice needs to be paid. Using the Process>Time Out condition we can set the workflow to wait till X days / months after the Invoice Created On date.

Step 2: Check Condition – On the due date we check that the invoice is still not paid

Step 3: Create Email – Create an Email with subject line, sent from the owner of the invoice record to the primary contact of the account.

Step 4: Add Invoice to Email – Add to the Email the Dynamics Docs Invoice template. Select if to also display the invoice, in HTML format, in the body of the email. (So customer can’t say he has not seen the invoice).

Save & activate. The workflow is now ready to send Emails of unpaid invoices.

Note: if you wish to trigger the workflow at the end of the month, rather than a number of days from Invoice Created On date, please use our Dynamics Workflows function. Read this post.

For Dynamics Docs demo or the integration of Dynamics CRM with ERP / Accounting software, please visit our web site or contact our sales people:



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