Yammer and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2012

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The last news we've heard on the long awaited CRM 2012 upgrade is that its general availability has been pushed to January 2013. One of the features we're very excited about in this newest Dynamics CRM is the native Yammer integration. According to Microsoft, though, you'll have to wait a little longer—it will be ready in February. So what will Yammer bring to Dynamics CRM? Besides social networking goodies, such as the ability to follow others and “likes”, there's a great collaboration feature called “Pages”.

Pages are similar to user profiles in the social media world. With this new integration, a Yammer Page is associated with a Microsoft Dynamics CRM record that's being worked on. For example, one of your sales staff updates an Opportunity record. Yammer then automatically creates an Opportunity Page, which becomes the central point to view any posts and other Yammer interactions related to that Opportunity.

Not only is there a Yammer Page, but thanks to something called “Yammer Embed”, Yammer activity will also be visible in Dynamics CRM. In other words, you won't have to leaver Dynamics CRM 2012 to learn about conversations that are going on in your company's Yammer community.

With this Yammer integration, Microsoft has introduced a very powerful way for your organization to communicate and collaborate, bridging the social world to the business functions and processes of Dynamics CRM.

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2 thoughts on “Yammer and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2012”

  1. The integration of yammer as tool to easily communicate with fellow employees is just another way that CRM is striving to be more user friendly which will lead to a better implementation and integration within companies.

  2. I see the novelty, but I don't see the need or the actual use beyond distraction. Yammer hardly has a big chunk of users in the social space and a sales rep using Dynamics will have hardly a use for it beyond special cases on a per-company basis.

    Can somebody explain how this is really a helpful addition to Dynamics?

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