Clean Up Your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Data with Duplicate Detection

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In setting up a Microsoft Dynamics CRM project, data quality can take a backseat to other business concerns. That is pretty understandable in most get-it-done-yesterday sales environments. But Microsoft CRM makes one data quality issue,  data duplication detection so easy to implement you’ll probably want to do this sooner rather than later.

Duplicate account, prospect or other contact-related records are an annoyance at best.  Duplication quickly leads to wasted emails, phone calls, and more recently tweets to the same person, and ultimately a sales and marketing staff bumping into each other as they unknowingly chase identical deals.

Dynamics CRM’s Duplicate Detection Rules wizard--found under Settings>Data Management--lets admins quickly configure a powerful gatekeeper on your company’s data entry process. Admins can select any field on which to enforce a duplication check. But typically, it’s the name, phone number, or email fields in the specific entity to be monitored.

To handle mistyped information by your staff, the Duplicate Detection Rules wizard can also check for inexact matches on the first few characters of the contact information. In any case, once the rule is set up and published, Microsoft Dynamics CRM will provide a warning when a duplicate entry is detected.

Sales support staff entering, say, an identical prospect or lead will see a pop-up indicating that the record has been duplicated. They are then given the option of correcting the name, address, and other contact key information or instead using the existing record.

Is there a way to carry out duplicate detection check retroactively on an existing Dynamics CRM database? No problem!

Admins can set up the rules they need, as before, and then run the Duplicate Detection Job wizard--also found under Data Management--to scan through the current records.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM will report back with a list of duplicates. Admins can then clean the records or just delete them as unnecessary data.
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