Customer Service Takes Off for Signature Flight Support With the Help of Microsoft CRM

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Customer Effective is proud to release a new Customer Success Story highlighting Signature Flight Support, a BBA Aviation plc company.

Signature Flight Support is the world’s largest FBO with more than 100 facilities around the world. They offer a wide variety of services from fueling and ground handling for the aircraft, to arranging hotels and other amenities for the private jet crews and passengers. As a personal concierge for thousands of crew members and passengers traveling around the globe, Signature Flight Support takes its brand reputation very seriously. In order to help ensure that every flight crew member and passenger is completely satisfied with their service, Signature implemented Microsoft Dyanmics CRM and integrated their proprietary state of the art point-of-sale system, Signature SIGnet™.

Prior to their CRM implementation, Signature’s customer information technology was limited in the ability to efficiently share information throughout their FBO network. Since Signature is part of BBA Aviation which owns multiple aviation companies, several of their customers overlap. Thanks to Microsoft CRM, they are now able to use the data they collect to create compelling sales programs across sister companies and provide superior customer service.

To learn more about Signature Flight Support's success with Microsoft CRM, visit our Customer Success Page

by Customer Effective

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