How Would Your Clients be Impacted if an Employee Took a Leave of Absence - Microsoft Dynamics CRM Makes for a Smooth Transition

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In the beginning of 2011, I was preparing to be out of the office for 3 months. I had a baby on the way, so it was impossible to pinpoint the “start date” for my leave. Many people in a similar account management role might be overwhelmed by that thought. How will my clients be impacted by my leave? Will they have to start from scratch with someone else on projects we’ve been working on? How will I possibly fill in my coworkers on all of my active clients and opportunities? Fortunately, in my case, transitioning client information in preparation for my leave was practically a non-event. Since implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM, all important information related to my accounts was easily accessible to my coworkers. Details from past phone calls, emails and appointments were readily available to anyone who needed a quick update on any given account’s status. My scheduled tasks and open opportunities were also available, helping to ensure that nothing was dropped in my absence. What would happen with your clients if you had to take an extended leave? How easy would it be to prepare? Would you be able to rest easy knowing that your clients aren’t experiencing a lag in service?

Let’s look at this from another perspective. If you are a sales manager, what would happen if you had an employee out of the office unexpectedly, whether temporarily or permanently? Would they leave with all of their invaluable knowledge about your clients on the notepad in their pocket? Would you know the status of each account and which items need immediate attention? How many clients would you lose as a result of “dropped balls”? If these are areas of concern for your organization, preventing these potential downfalls is just a small portion of what Microsoft Dynamics CRM can do. To learn more about Microsoft Dynamics CRM, contact InterDyn Artis.

InterDyn Artis established in Charlotte, North Carolina in 1989, is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner dedicated to the implementation, training and support of the Microsoft Dynamics line of products including Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains), SharePoint, and Business Intelligence.

By Sarah Salzman, InterDyn Artis, North Carolina Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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