How Process Manufacturers Can Manage Samples in Dynamics CRM

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Are Samples going out but no business coming in? As a process manufacturer, you deal with formulas, batches, and samples on a daily basis.  Regardless of whether you are on the chemical, food, beverage, or consumer goods side of the business – samples are a key to growing your business.  The cost and effort of managing samples is rising, and to remain competitive companies must use technology and automation. See the list below of key points to the sample management process.

Key Points to Sample Management:

  1. Manage customers & prospect samples in one location
  2. Record activities
  3. Track, measure, and report
  4. Automate the process with workflows
  5.  Make sure your software is user-friendly so your team members will use it

Who received the samples? Which clients actually purchased a product as a result?  Which clients never purchase? Understanding these behaviors and monitoring it through measurable entities proves greatly valuable to every organization.  Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM you can increase sales conversions with knowledge of where a sample was sent and arrange strategic follow-up calls tracking customer feedback through an automated workflow engine.

SBS Group recently held a webcast entitled Managing Samples in CRM. We covered the samples process, process manufacturing challenges, and how a Microsoft CRM solution can alleviate these pains. If you are interested in this webinar, view "Managing Samples in CRM" webinar recording here. Interested in learning more? Contact SBS Group here or email

By: SBS Group – Pennsylvania Microsoft Dynamics CRM, AX, SL, GP Partner

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