3 CRM Best Practices for Improving Client Retention

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It goes without saying that finding and adding new clients is the way to successfully grow your business. For that reason, companies considering a customer relationship management (CRM) system often focus on the “customer” aspect of that, and how to acquire new ones. But once the customer is on-board, then what? At that point, the focus should shift to the second word: relationship.

We see three cornerstone principles for improving client retention through the use of CRM:

Build it and they will come
Everyone knows that it’s more expensive to find new clients than it is to keep them. With the help of CRM, you can build strong, fruitful relationships with your clients and gain many short-term and long-term benefits. Happy clients will stay with you and buy additional services and solutions. The longer the client stays with you, the more lifetime value you will see from them, especially if you are using some type of subscription-based service for recurring revenue. Those same clients can help your company get through the tough times, as their loyalty can keep you afloat during recessions or other challenging economic times.

Arm your staff with the latest information about the client
So how do you keep track of the client’s activities and interests? CRM systems can track all activities regarding that client, regardless of who from your team was involved. Phone calls, emails, meetings and support cases are accessible by everyone in your organization. So the next time you go to call them, you will know if there are any issues or concerns with that client, so you can better serve their needs.

Utilize marketing automation to stay top of mind with your clients
An integrated marketing automation solution can supercharge your CRM system and give you even more insight into your clients’ interests. Marketing automation allows you send and track emails while aggregation lead scores for each client. These lead scores are a great way to see which clients are showing the most engagement, which is a good sign that they may be ready to buy additional products or services.

Client retention can get overlooked by companies who put too much focus on adding new clients. By leveraging a CRM system such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, your company can both add and retain clients, and maintain a healthy marketing-sales-support-marketing-sales cycle so your clients always feel loved and will speak glowingly of you to their colleagues in the industry. Contact BroadPoint at dcarnevale@broadpoint.net today to discuss how CRM can help your organization better serve (and retain) your clients.

by BroadPoint Technologies

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