Manage your Entire Sales Cycle with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

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With cloud-based technologies and AI, we hear a lot about all the different things a CRM solution can do. However, if you’re thinking about implementing a CRM solution such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, it’s important to start out with the functionalities that will bring the most value to your business.


Start out small and focused with the most basic function of the CRM: managing your sales pipeline. You can later add more features as your business grows, but the basic sales functionalities of a CRM can do a lot for your organization.


  • Improve control over your sales pipeline: A business process flow walks your sales representatives through every phase of the sales cycle, ensuring that nothing ever falls through the cracks. They can track activities and follow up with potential customers easily, while all the data they need is displayed intuitively in customizable dashboards.


  • Track your sales more accurately: Automate your sales funnel for better visibility on your objectives and the progress of your sales team. Calculations are automated and displayed based on the specific needs of the user for better visibility and insights into current opportunities, customer behaviour, and trends.


  • Always have all information on hand: Centralize all sales, customer details and the history of communications so that they are easily accessible by your sales team. This facilitates teamwork and the handoff of case files, while also improving your representatives’ response to help build strong business relationships with customers.


While the CRM offers a ton more possibilities, including business intelligence, sentiment analysis on social media, and marketing automation, to name only a few, it’s also important to be reminded of what a CRM does best: offer an optimal experience to both your employees and customers by making it possible to manage your sales from a single platform adapted to your needs.


Don’t underestimate the change management portion that comes with the implementation of any new system, so start with quick wins to ensure the success of the project. A scalable solution that offers a wide breadth of features and opportunities is a good investment, but starting out with the basics will make the project much more manageable for your organization, while still maximizing the return on your investment in the short term.


By JOVACO Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation specialist in Quebec

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