How Automating & Assigning Dynamics 365 CRM Leads with Round Robin Algorithm Increases Productivity

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Round Robin Algorithm Increases Productivity

Sales being the focal point of businesses, it is necessary to adopt and apply new practices to achieve maximum output. This is gained through pursuing each and every Lead. And loss of even one Lead can make a huge difference. This is where Lead Assignment & Distribution Automation comes in hand. It is an app that ensures appropriate distribution of Leads.

Lead Assignment & Distribution Automation is a productivity app to ensure that Dynamics 365 CRM Leads are distributed systematically using Round Robin algorithm. With the use of Round Robin algorithm all Leads are equally distributed in a rational order which makes sure that no Lead is overlooked and lost.

Why this app?

Growth of business makes it difficult to manage incoming leads and provide services to existing customers with limited available resources. In such a case, if manager automates the assignment and distribution of these incoming leads among the salespersons or customer representatives in organized way then it will increase efficiency resulting in higher level of customer satisfaction and in turn higher ROI.

With Lead Assignment & Distribution Automation app you can systematically allot incoming leads to your sales team. Dynamics 365 CRM Lead allocation will be carried out using Round Robin method and based on capacity of individual users. You can also set selection criteria for distribution of Leads. In this way sales representatives can pursue each lead diligently and do their best in converting them to sales.

How does it function?

Round Robin Algorithm

Consider there are three members in a team - A, B & C. With Round Robin algorithm the first Lead will be allotted to A, second one to B and third one to C. After allotting Lead to C, the next one will be again allotted to A. This will be an ongoing process ensuring fair distribution of Leads among the team members.

Round Robin Algorithm Increases Productivity

User Capacity

In this method, Leads are allotted depending on the capacity of each team member. Let’s say A has capacity of 5 units, B has 10 units and C has 15 units. Consider each Lead is equal to 5 units. Here also, Leads are allotted on the basis of Round Robin algorithm. So, the first Lead will be assigned to A, second to B and third to C. After allotting Leads, it is found that A has exhausted its capacity, B has 5 units left and C has 10 units left. Now the next incoming Lead will be directly allotted to B and then C. A will not be assigned any further Lead. This will ensure that no team member is overloaded with work resulting in haphazard pursuit of Leads. Once Leads are allotted based on capacity, each team member can give full focus on converting the Lead to Opportunity and Opportunity to Sales.

Round Robin Algorithm Increases Productivity


Once Leads are assigned, dashboard visualization helps managers to gain information at a glance. With the help of charts, graphs, pie-diagram, etc. manager can effectively analyze and monitor the distribution of Leads and plan accordingly for future assignment of Leads among salespersons or customer representatives.

Round Robin Algorithm Increases Productivity

Thus, automated distribution of Leads will enhance the efficiency of sales team thereby increasing productivity.

Seems amazing, right?

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