Dynamics 365 enables Casino Hosts to “up the ante” with Tribal Platforms™ Player 365

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Casino Hosts have a responsibility to develop working relationships with their players.  Both to identify players who would benefit from a Host’s service in addition to assisting an upset guest and working to resolve the issue.  All of these require effective communication to be successful.

Another way to look at this issue is imagine that you move to a new town or city.  You don’t know many people and need to start building a local network of relationships.  You are introduced to new faces and

must find commonalities to get to know them.  This effectively describes a Host, except they have to do this with literally hundreds of new people.


Learning about a person is simple:  ask questions and remember responses.  Share stories, discuss common interests and listening to learn allows the Host to build a relationship that can benefit everyone.  The key is to capture what the Host learns to create a starting point for the next client encounter.

Legendary Hosts are those that are able to remember little details from past conversations and bring those details up in future conversations. They remember a birthday, spouse’s names, a special event, or their favorite hobby.  The Tribal Platforms™ Player 365  solution can be a tool to store these personal details to help Hosts who don’t have a photographic memory.

Tribal Platforms™ Player 365 is a mobile-enabled solution based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform that Hosts can use to capture all patron encounter details.  Hosts can easily look up players that are “on the gaming floor” at the moment and locate the player in real time.   Once the Host has a discussion with the guest, Hosts can quickly make notes of the discussion on their mobile device using the Player 365 – Touch Player feature and save the note to the patron record.  Additionally, the Host can see the LAST Player Touch date and schedule the “Next Player Touch” date to create a follow up reminder.

Organizations that use the Tribal Platforms Player 365 solution are providing an important tool for Hosts to use as the centerpiece of player communication.  Providing tools like this for your Hosts can make everyone a Legendary Host.

By Bryan Schmidt, Arctic IT Business Applications Consulting Manager,  bschmidt@arcticit.com.

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